News from August 2015

General Mills denies liability in man’s suit over alleged gold tooth in biscuit

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Aug 31, 2015

General Mills claims that its Pillsbury biscuit product was altered after it left the defendant’s control in a man’s suit alleging he discovered someone’s gold tooth when he bit into a baked biscuit.

Perils of running for retention: 60 percent threshold can make sitting judges vulnerable

By Ann Maher | Aug 31, 2015

The campaign to remove Justice Lloyd Karmeier from office in November 2014 was fierce, expensive, and relatively brief, but mostly it proved how vulnerable sitting judges can be when it comes time for voters to renew their contracts. 

State only paying out Lottery prizes of less than $25,000

By Mark Fitton | Aug 31, 2015

SPRINGFIELD — Win the Lottery? You might want to hold off on that new bass boat, dream house or even paying off any big debts.

Edwardsville man sues Stonegate Insurance, alleging unpaid damages

By Robbie Hargett | Aug 31, 2015

An Edwardsville man is suing Stonegate Insurance, alleging it has breached its contract by not paying damages following a vehicle collision.

St. Clair woman sues man, Knights of Columbus, alleging assault

By Robbie Hargett | Aug 31, 2015

A St. Clair woman is suing an Illinois man and the Knights of Columbus, alleging assault and battery in an incident that occurred on K of C premises in Cahokia.

Elderly woman claims she was injured after crawling onto shuttle bus

By Mark Trammell | Aug 31, 2015

A Madison County resident was allegedly injured while attempting to board a passenger shuttle.

Shopper files slip and fall suit against Shop 'n' Save

By Mark Trammell | Aug 31, 2015

A woman who slipped and fell in a local grocery store is suing for alleged injuries sustained in the fall.

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