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Candy Crush: Illinois slaps sales tax on Snickers, but not Twix

By Travis Nix, Illinois Policy Institute | Jun 26, 2018

State lawmakers should reform Illinois’ overly complicated sales taxes and other anti-business taxes, which violate guiding principles of sound tax policy.

En route to Rauner’s desk: Victories for licensing reform, regulatory rollback and axing golden parachutes

By Mindy Ruckman, Illinois Policy Institute | Jun 26, 2018

Nearly 600 bills are on their way to the governor, some of which would be encouraging changes to the status quo.

Illinois sees fourth straight month of jobs growth in May

By Bryce Hill, Illinois Policy Institute | Jun 26, 2018

Illinois’ jobs situation improved in May, but the state needs long-term solutions such as a spending cap to get on a path to fiscal health and assure investors more tax hikes are not on the horizon.

Raises should be based on merit, not 'steps'

By Dan McCaleb, Illinois News Network | Jun 18, 2018

It's been two weeks since Illinois lawmakers and Gov. Bruce Rauner began congratulating themselves for passing what they claimed was a balanced budget that spends every bit of last summer's $5 billion tax increase.

Magicians: How Illinois politicians made $1.2 billion in budget deficits disappear

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | Jun 13, 2018

If you want to understand Illinois’ corrupt budget making process, take the example of how the legislature just “cleaned up” some of its unaccounted-for budget deficits.

Belleville has seen sharpest population decline among top Illinois cities since 2010

By Vincent Caruso, Illinois Policy Institute | Jun 13, 2018

As Illinois struggles to address its people problem, population loss has plagued communities across the Land of Lincoln. But the shrinkage in some areas has been more severe than others.

Taxpayers are on the hook for Tim Mapes’ six-figure pension

By Pat Hughes, Illinois Opportunity Project | Jun 13, 2018

Not only are we supposed to accept the fact that our state government is overrun with sexual predators—we are also expected to fund their lavish retirement benefits.

For Speaker Madigan, when do drips become a flood?

By Austin Berg, Illinois Policy Institute | Jun 11, 2018

A few brave souls have come forward with their stories about the behavior under Madigan’s dome. But how many still feel powerless?

Belleville school districts are ripe for consolidation

By Vincent Caruso, Illinois Policy Institute | Jun 7, 2018

Illinois has more units of local government than any other state in the country, many of which are duplicative and overlapping. In Belleville, where the majority of the city’s school districts cover fewer students than the state average, consolidation efforts could boost efficiency while saving taxpayer dollars.

A budget for lawmakers, not Illinoisans

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | Jun 1, 2018

Earlier this week, Wirepoints warned that the eerie silence in Springfield augured bad news for Illinoisans. Sadly, we were right.

Real lawyers know how to ask for help

By Allison L. Wood | Jun 1, 2018

When we read about lawyers being sanctioned by the ARDC, we never think that we would do the things they did. Since we think we are honest and ethical, it is easy to believe that the lawyers who get sanctioned must be dishonest and unethical.

No fight over the budget is bad for Illinoisans

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | May 30, 2018

Illinois media is widely reporting that no news on Illinois’ budget negotiations is good news – that a quiet battleground in the statehouse means all is well. Especially after a nasty near three year impasse between Gov. Bruce Rauner and House Speaker Mike Madigan.

In a shrinking state, Census sheds light on struggling cities

By Austin Berg, Illinois News Network | May 29, 2018

Rich Roth didn’t think his story would go viral. But a Facebook post with his photo and a quote from the longtime Clinton, Illinois, resident has reached more than 800,000 people since May 21, with more than 10,000 reactions and 8,000 shares.

Illinois Supreme Court ruling a victory for government transparency

By Jeffrey Schwab, Liberty Justice Center | May 29, 2018

The court’s ruling strengthens Illinois’ Freedom of Information Act, a crucial tool in holding government officials accountable.

Who does Illinois’ Civic Federation really champion?

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | May 22, 2018

Glance at the list of the Civic Federation’s Trustees and you’ll see a collection of Illinois corporate titans. Many of the 16 men and one woman are CEOs, heads of private equity, chairs of boards, investors or hugely successful entrepreneurs.

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