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Who does Illinois’ Civic Federation really champion?

Glance at the list of the Civic Federation’s Trustees and you’ll see a collection of Illinois corporate titans. Many of the 16 men and one woman are CEOs, heads of private equity, chairs of boards, investors or hugely successful entrepreneurs.

Get your act together, Springfield

As the scheduled end of the spring legislative session nears, Illinois government is without its most important tool to manage the taxpayers’ money and provide the services needed for our most vulnerable citizens: the budget.

Lawmakers still have time to pass lawsuit reform

Illinois stands alone in the Midwest, stubbornly clinging to the tired, arcane economic policies that are driving droves and droves of people out of the Land of Lincoln.

Lawmakers to homeowners: 'You'll get nothing and like it'

In a matter of hours, Illinoisans saw bipartisan opposition to property tax relief and bipartisan support for higher property taxes.

Southern Illinois mayor says cities across the state face insolvency from pension debt

The Metro East city of Alton is growing. Businesses are expanding or buying new locations. The local hospital is expanding. Alton has been selected as the site for a new reality show that will invest in small businesses there.

How to mislead Illinoisans into accepting higher taxes

A new report would have Illinoisans believe that a progressive income tax means tax cuts and economic growth. Illinois lawmakers’ tax-and-spend tendencies and evidence from all 50 states say otherwise.

Marketing in good times versus bad times

According to government statistics, the economy is humming along at a good pace. Unemployment is near record lows and companies are experiencing market highs. Everything is good. So, why would a law firm want to start a marketing effort now?

Progressive tax battle pits taxpayers against Madigan

It was no small feat that House Republicans stood their ground against a progressive income tax in April.

East St. Louis police and fire pension fund crises risk state intervention

East St. Louis’ police and fire pension funds experienced large funding shortfalls in 2016, putting the city at risk of revenue garnishment from the state comptroller’s office.

The bipartisan bullies of township government

A great deal of what’s wrong in Illinois government can be explained by a socioeconomic theory called “concentrated benefits and diffuse costs.”

Report: Metro-East property tax rates nearly double national average

Both Madison and St. Clair County taxpayers paid a higher effective tax rate than the national average in 2017, a year which also saw continued outmigration from the region.

Madigan re-elected Chairman of Illinois Democratic Party

The longtime House speaker is the only state legislative leader in the nation to also serve as a party chairman.

Harvey: Canary in the collapsing Illinois coal mine

Your job, your pension, or your home. This is the choice left to several families in Harvey, Illinois. They can’t have all three and some don’t even have the choice of one.

Tax Freedom Day - just kidding

Federal income tax filings are due today. But while federal income taxes may make up the largest share of taxes the typical resident pays to the government, Illinoisans won’t find themselves free from the enormous burden of state and local taxes.

The insanity in Harvey, Illinois

It’s happening. We've written about this before. It’s not one big blowup like the subprime crisis, but it is happening, and Harvey is part of it.

Taxpayer victory: Progressive tax effectively dead this legislative session

Fifty lawmakers are taking a pledge to fight a progressive income tax in Illinois, denying progressive tax proponents the support needed to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot.

The ‘friendly’ tax hike taking shape in Springfield

In election season, some Illinois politicians are looking for ways to promise more revenue without inciting the rage of voters, who just saw the largest permanent income tax hike in state history last summer.

Former East St. Louis township officials diverted nearly $1M in youth program funds

Two township administrators took state grant funds intended for a summer youth program to cover up for illegal credit card purchases.

Civic Federation: State 'lost' billions in revenue by foregoing taxes on retirement income

A Chicago think tank says Illinois is losing out on billions of dollars in revenue by not taxing retirement income.

Progressive tax proposal would mean as much as a $600 tax hike for typical Metro East family

Though some politicians claim a progressive income tax would only affect the rich, rates established under House Bill 3522 would raise income taxes on middle-class families.