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Collinsville, Granite City sales taxes would rival Chicago's under tax hike referendum

Madison County voters have twice turned down a proposed sales-tax hike to fund school facilities projects, but the proposal will appear again on March primary ballots. If approved, shoppers in Collinsville and Granite City would see some of the highest sales tax rates in the country.

Champaign County breaks promise on sales tax hike

Property taxes for school districts in Champaign County have risen substantially, despite property-tax relief promises made regarding the County School Facility Sales Tax enacted in 2009. And there’s reason to believe districts across the state might suffer the same fate.

Yes, Speaker Madigan, you have a culture problem

In a hastily arranged press conference Tuesday, House Speaker Mike Madigan laid out nine more instances of sexual harassment his office has overseen in the past five years, with more potentially excluded.

Gubernatorial candidates hurling insults instead of addressing 10 trends driving Illinois towards insolvency

With Illinois’ decline in full display for the nation to see, proposals for fiscal and spending reforms should dominate the campaign and political landscape. After all, virtually every budget and economic trend in Illinois is pointing towards insolvency sometime in the near future.

Illinois spends more on education, but outcomes lag

Misplaced priorities in Illinois' education system may be the reason students are less prepared for college than peers in other states.

Meet the Illinoisan at the center of a historic Supreme Court case

Mark Janus learned about public service from a young age, growing up as a Boy Scout in Springfield. He eventually became an Eagle Scout. And he’s passed along his knowledge to young men and women from the state’s capital while leading scouting trips to Florida.

The most misleading myths in Illinois politics

It’s no secret there’s a lot wrong with Illinois. Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, Feb. 12, is an annual reminder of how far the state has drifted away from the virtues of its most illustrious lawmaker.

Madigan says he won't resign in wake of staffer sexual harassment scandal

Speaker Michael Madigan says he has no plans to resign in the wake of allegations his political operation slow-walked an investigation of a staffer alleging sexual harassment by a supervisor.

Kiss-off: Too many Illinoisans breaking up with the state

Every relationship comes with some sacrifices. But for an alarming number of Illinoisans, they're opting instead to sacrifice their state IDs.

Illinois pensions: Overpromised, not underfunded

For years, the state’s political elite has blamed ordinary Illinoisans for the state’s pension crisis.

Bad Science at NIOSH?

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) was established by the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 as a research agency focused on the study of worker safety and health.

Madison County Board votes to have townships pay assessment costs

Some Madison County townships could see their costs go up, which could drive up property taxes.

Hold on to your wallets, Springfield back in session for 2018

With statewide elections in November, the 2018 forecast calls for gridlock.

Giant sucking sound: Illinois lost $3.4B in income to neighboring states since 2010

Policy failures have resulted in a steady stream of income flowing to neighboring states.

IRS: Illinois saw net loss of 101,000 people to neighboring states since 2010

Illinois’ failure to keep and attract residents is driving the Land of Lincoln’s population decline.

Rising property tax burdens squeeze Illinois families

For most Illinois homeowners, it’s become painfully obvious that they pay some of the highest property taxes in the country. But a couple of new studies could lead some to believe the burden might not be that bad, and might even be getting better.

Like a good neighbor: Illinois sees record loss of people to neighboring states

Solving Illinois’ people problem requires addressing the high cost of government, which makes the state far less attractive for people looking to plant roots.

Illinois General Assembly, 2017 in review: State pet, state grain, but no fixes

Illinois lawmakers passed hundreds of bills in 2017, but enacted no real reforms to boost the state’s economy, rein in the cost of government or provide relief to taxpayers.

Is your firm selling a commodity?

What differentiates your services from another firm? If a prospective client wants you to do a basic legal transaction, are you really different from the other firms in town? Or, if that person is looking to, let’s say, incorporate a business, is he or she going to choose you because your firm has a higher profile than the next? But are your services fundamentally different from the next guy’s, really? Probably not much.

Reason, fear and the politics of hysteria

The election for the U.S. Senate seat in Alabama is now history. Democrat Doug Jones narrowly defeated Republican Roy Moore by a margin of 2 percent, the exact amount of write-in votes filed on behalf of alternative GOP candidates. While the results may have been surprising to some, it certainly is not an omen for the future, but more of aberration.