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The Chapmans should make restitution and go to prison

By The Madison County Record | May 1, 2019

It’s the old double standard, isn’t it? There’s one rule for them – the ones in the “in” crowd, the ones with the right connections – and a different rule for us: the outsiders, the deplorables.

Sweet deal: keep the cash and let the perp go

By The Madison County Record | Apr 25, 2019

Ottrix pled guilty to two felony counts of money laundering, but got to go free. Oh, sure, he’s on probation for two years, but he will serve no time in prison. None whatsoever.

Economic statements for local judges should offer more detail

By The Madison County Record | Apr 19, 2019

Though easily dismissed as a partisan fishing expedition, the clamor for President Donald Trump to release his tax returns has a certain logic. After all, it could be useful to know the financial interests of our chief executive – and of every federal, state, and local official as well.

Note to legislators and judges: Do your jobs!

By The Madison County Record | Apr 9, 2019

Note to state legislators: “You are required by the state constitution to pass a balanced budget.”

What is Rick Faccin trying to hide?

By The Madison County Record | Apr 2, 2019

“I was elected to look into things. Faccin believes he is here to hide things.”

Show some respect to Ed Hightower

By The Madison County Record | Mar 27, 2019

Low-income housing: good thing or bad thing? It all depends on your perspective. For persons with low income, low-income housing and rental units are not only good, but necessary.

Wigginton should surrender his license voluntarily

By The Madison County Record | Mar 19, 2019

After two DUIs in two years, Wigginton should have lost his driver’s license, but – lo and behold! – there was a “clerical error” at the courthouse and he didn’t.

The Illinois Trial Lawyers Association needs a makeover

By The Madison County Record | Mar 12, 2019

Illinois trial lawyers and the fellow travelers in the legislature could star in a series called “This Old House and Senate,” explaining in minute detail how to turn one of the most prosperous states in the union into an economic basket case in only a matter of years with exorbitant taxes, onerous regulations, and predatory courts.

Our man Flynn is at it again

By The Madison County Record | Mar 7, 2019

Poor Brian Flynn! The Belleville city attorney makes a friendly gesture to host a happy-hour reception for a new U.S. magistrate judge and all of a sudden his motives are brought into question – just because the new judge will be presiding over discovery in a case in which Flynn is a plaintiff.

American Law Institute symposium raises eyebrows

By The Madison County Record | Feb 26, 2019

It’s a matter of propriety, really. It’s hard to explain, but there are certain things one doesn’t do in public or even behind closed doors, because it doesn’t look right and it makes a bad impression.

Missouri Legislature should put limits on the use of joinder

By The Madison County Record | Feb 19, 2019

Last July, a St. Louis City Circuit Court jury awarded $4.7 billion to several women who claimed to have contracted ovarian cancer from asbestos in Johnson & Johnson talcum powder.

What’s with the sweetheart deal for Trish Murphy?

By The Madison County Record | Feb 13, 2019

“Trish Murphy is not listed as counsel of record for plaintiffs at the district court,” attorney Mark Downton observed in a motion he filed at U.S. District Court last week on behalf of his client in Hale v. State Farm.

Brian Flynn is out of control

By The Madison County Record | Feb 7, 2019

Belleville city attorney Brian Flynn ran amok about this time last year, and now he’s doing it again.

Judge Barry Julian is off to a bad start

By The Madison County Record | Jan 31, 2019

Do the laws that the rest of us residents must follow not apply to the ones making and interpreting them?

Driving drunk is illegal for everyone

By The Madison County Record | Jan 24, 2019

Our national experiment with prohibition a century ago proved prosperous for bootleggers and caused more problems than it solved. Still, alcoholism can be a serious problem, not only for the alcoholics but for everyone around them.

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