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Madison County Special Service Area No. 1 seeks payment for allegedly unpaid sewer bill

By Mark Trammell | Sep 9, 2015

A Madison County governmental agency has sued a business over claims it hasn't paid its commercial sewer bill.

Wrongful death suit filed against foster mother in girl's death

By Mark Trammell | Sep 1, 2015

An appointed estate administrator has filed a suit on behalf of a late girl's family.

Delta Private Jets sues Premier Air Center repair company over alleged engine damage

By Mark Trammell | Sep 1, 2015

Delta Private Jets has filed suit against Premier Air Center, the company that repaired corrosion to their engines and allegedly caused further damage, necessitating further repair.

Shopper files slip and fall suit against Shop 'n' Save

By Mark Trammell | Aug 31, 2015

A woman who slipped and fell in a local grocery store is suing for alleged injuries sustained in the fall.

Elderly woman claims she was injured after crawling onto shuttle bus

By Mark Trammell | Aug 31, 2015

A Madison County resident was allegedly injured while attempting to board a passenger shuttle.

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