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McCarter: national security, economic development factor prominently in role as ambassador to Kenya

By Ann Maher | Feb 4, 2019

As former Illinois state senator Kyle McCarter prepares to assume the role as U.S. ambassador to Kenya, terrorist threats in the eastern African nation remain heightened three weeks after a deadly attack at a Nairobi hotel and office complex.

Residency of newly appointed Madison County associate judge - asbestos attorney Julian - is questioned

By Ann Maher | Jan 28, 2019

At the time attorney John Barry Julian would have submitted his application for Madison County associate judge, he was not a registered voter in the Third Judicial Circuit.

Associate judges picked at St. Clair County: Hoerner, Foley and Campbell

By Ann Maher | Jan 25, 2019

The newest associate judges who will serve at St. Clair County Circuit Court are Stacy Campbell, 37, of O'Fallon; Patrick R. Foley, 44, of Belleville and Kevin T. Hoerner, 56, of Belleville.

Asbestos attorney Julian applies for Madison Co. judgeship; Critic says enough with Dems crowding bench - try 'diversity of thought'

By Ann Maher | Jan 22, 2019

Twelve area attorneys have applied for the associate judge position that opened after Sarah Smith was elected circuit judge in Madison County in November, including the co-founder of what has become a national asbestos law firm.

New Year's Eve DUI arrest report indicates Wigginton's estranged wife placed call to Edwardsville police

By Ann Maher | Jan 17, 2019

A DUI arrest report of former U.S. Attorney Stephen Wigginton indicates that his estranged wife Kathleen contacted Edwardsville police to report he was "highly intoxicated" after striking her friend's vehicle in a Sonic restaurant parking lot at around 10 p.m. on Dec. 31.

Thirty lawyers apply for three associate seats on St. Clair County bench; Runoff is possible

By Ann Maher | Jan 15, 2019

Thirty local lawyers have applied for three associate judge positions that became open after the November election.

Wigginton faces another DUI charge; Former U.S. Attorney arrested Dec. 31 in Edwardsville

By Ann Maher | Jan 9, 2019

Former U.S. Attorney Stephen Wigginton will appear before a Madison County judge next month to face another driving under the influence charge.

Bump-stock class action seeks compensation for government's 'taking' of property

By Ann Maher | Jan 7, 2019

WASHINGTON - While it isn't the first lawsuit filed over the federal government's recent ban on bump-stock devices, one initiated by Edwardsville attorneys at the U.S. Court of Federal Claims is the only chance, they say, owners have of getting compensated for the taking of their property.

Jurors award $301,000 to brother of detainee who hung himself at St. Clair County Jail

By Ann Maher | Dec 11, 2018

The brother of a detainee who hung himself at the St. Clair County jail in May 2014 has been awarded $301,000 in damages in a wrongful death trial against Sheriff Rick Watson and the county that played out in federal court in Benton.

Praise for outgoing Clayborne notes senator's preference for 'lucrative committees'

By Ann Maher | Nov 19, 2018

SPRINGFIELD - The career of soon-to-be retired State Sen. James Clayborne (D-East St. Louis) was celebrated last week by colleagues who praised his achievements over the past 23 years - namely his ability to bring home the bacon: millions more for schools via a reworked funding formula, money for rebuilding Wolf Branch and Belle Valley middle schools, remodeling East St. Louis High School and replacing an ancient Lebanon School District building.

Madison County government stays in Republican control; Democrats stays firmly in control in St. Clair County

By Ann Maher | Nov 7, 2018

Results of county board races in Madison and St. Clair was a tale of two counties on election night.

Rudolf wins the 'Fiss' seat, defeating challenger Ruocco by four-point margin

By Ann Maher | Nov 7, 2018

In the race for a seat being vacated by Circuit Judge Jan Fiss, Associate Judge Heinz Rudolf has won by a four-point margin.

Judges seeking retention in Twentieth Judicial Circuit win in spite of opposition

By Ann Maher | Nov 6, 2018

Judges running for retention in the Twentieth Judicial Circuit have easily won retention - in spite of a well-organized effort to unseat Circuit Judge Zina Cruse.

Overstreet wins permanent seat at Fifth District, likely shifting balance 5-2 conservative

By Ann Maher | Nov 6, 2018

Justice David Overstreet has easily won a permanent seat to the Fifth District Appellate Court.

Incumbent Bristow elected Representative for 111th District

By Ann Maher | Nov 6, 2018

Incumbent Rep. Monica Bristow (D-Alton) defeated Republican Mike Babcock by a margin of 50.5 to 49.5 percent for Illinois' 111th House District.

Voters sending strong message to dissolve financially distressed park district

By Ann Maher | Nov 6, 2018

Voters in the Collinsville Area Recreation District appear to have given a resounding thumbs up to dissolve the financially strapped park district.

Green wave of Madigan, trial lawyer cash flowing into House races: Bristow, Costello and Stuart

By Ann Maher | Oct 31, 2018

Three local Democrat House members seeking re-election next week are among the top beneficiaries of campaign cash raining down from House Speaker Mike Madigan, whose interests in recent weeks have been showered with greenbacks from the trial bar.

New category in ICJL evaluation names sleeping judge and others to 'Behaving Badly' list

By Ann Maher | Oct 31, 2018

"Judges Behaving Badly" is a new category being used by the Illinois Civil Justice League (ICJL) to assess judges seeking retention in next week's general election.

Madlock points to rising taxes as primary motivator in uphill run against Democrat incumbent

By Ann Maher | Oct 30, 2018

Taxes. It's the number one reason Jason Madlock of Centreville seeks election as a Republican to the 114th House District in hopes of unseating incumbent LaToya Greenwood (D-East St. Louis).

Supporters of CARD dissolution call on voters to turn out; Super-majority needed

By Ann Maher | Oct 30, 2018

A chief organizer in the effort to dissolve the financially distressed Collinsville Area Recreation District (CARD) in next Tuesday's election is calling on voters not to "sit this one out."

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