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Edwardsvills mayor seeks senate seat, says 'experienced leadership' needed to 'claw our way out' of state's issues

Angela Underwood Sep. 19, 2017, 8:54pm

EDWARDSVILLE – Unlike the 1995 movie "The Bridges of Madison County," there is no glamour in Illinois’ real state of affairs, according to the Edwardsville Mayor Dr. Hal Patton, who recently announced his run for a state senate seat.

Wood River Township, assessor deny liability in wrongful termination suit for 'at-will employee'

Heather Isringhausen Gvillo Sep. 19, 2017, 5:03pm

The Wood River Township and its assessor answered a former employee’s wrongful termination complaint arguing that they are entitled to immunity when performing discretionary duties for an at-will employee.

Madison County civil docket Sept. 25-29

Heather Isringhausen Gvillo Sep. 19, 2017, 4:24pm

Madison County Circuit Judges Crowder, Mudge, Ruth and Matoesian have hearings scheduled on the civil docket for Sept. 25-29.

St. Clair County foreclosures Aug. 25-Sept. 12

Elizabeth Alt Sep. 19, 2017, 4:24pm

There were 13 foreclosures in St. Clair County from Aug. 25 to Sept. 12.

St. Clair County real estates Aug. 29-Sept. 1

Elizabeth Alt Sep. 19, 2017, 4:23pm

An O'Fallon property sold for more than $442,000 as part of the recent St. Clair County real estate transactions for Aug. 29-Sept. 1.

Madison County real estate Aug. 7-Sept. 1

Princess Jade Barrenechea Sep. 19, 2017, 4:20pm

A Collinsville property was sold for $900,000 as part of the recent Madison County real estate transactions for Aug. 7-Sept. 1.

Magistrate judge grants AutoZone's motion to seal

Angela Underwood Sep. 19, 2017, 12:13pm

SPRINGFIELD - A magistrate judge granted a AutoZone's motion to seal documents after denying the plaintiff the same right because the defendant's motion was the only one pending when he addressed the issue. 

Rauner, state reply to school districts' opposition to dismiss funding dispute

Heather Isringhausen Gvillo Sep. 19, 2017, 11:43am

In a response to several school districts’ opposition to their motion to dismiss, defendants named in a school funding dispute argue that it is the “legislature’s exclusive constitutional authority” to allocate state funds.

Herndon grants motion to exclude expert testimony in treestand suit

Glenn Minnis Sep. 19, 2017, 9:51am

BENTON – District Judge David R. Herndon granted a Sniper Treestands' motion to exclude a pair of would-be expert witnesses in a suit alleging a man fell from defective equipment. 

Ironworker alleges broken rib, vertebrae after column fell on him

Lhalie Castillo Sep. 19, 2017, 9:09am

BELLEVILLE — An ironworker is suing general contractors after he allegedly suffered a broken rib and vertebrae when a column fell on him.

Damages sought by driver for I-55 collision

Lhalie Castillo Sep. 19, 2017, 9:08am

BELLEVILLE – A motorist is seeking damages from a Cook County resident after a crash on Interstate 55.

Woman seeks more than $50,000 from Alfa Laval, others for man's lung cancer death

Lhalie Castillo Sep. 19, 2017, 9:05am

BELLEVILLE – A woman alleges her decedent's lung cancer-related death was caused by exposure to asbestos.

Fifth District Appellate Court affirms decision denying modification of parental time

Sara McCleary Sep. 19, 2017, 9:04am

MOUNT VERNON – The Fifth District Appellate Court has upheld a decision denying a father’s motion to modify custody arrangements with his son.

Postal worker alleges injuries from dog attack

Lhalie Castillo Sep. 19, 2017, 8:58am

BELLEVILLE — A postal worker claims he was injured when two dogs allegedly attacked him while delivering a package. 

Woman alleges injuries after tripping on automobile debris

Lhalie Castillo Sep. 19, 2017, 8:44am

BELLEVILLE — A woman claims she was injured when she tripped on automobile debris outside a man's property.

Motorist alleges vehicle was rear-ended by distracted driver in Alton

Lhalie Castillo Sep. 19, 2017, 7:01am

EDWARDSVILLE – A woman alleges she was injured in an Alton collision because of the actions of a distracted driver.