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Man alleges boneless wings contained foreign object at Buffalo Wild Wings

BELLEVILLE — A man claims he bit into a foreign object while eating boneless wings at the O'Fallon Buffalo Wild Wings.

Estate executor alleges jewelry buyers failed to make payments

BELLEVILLE — An estate executor of a deceased jewelry salesman alleges buyers failed to make payments.

Man allegedly injured at Altitude Trampoline Park

EDWARDSVILLE — A Bethalto resident is suing operators of the Altitude Trampoline Park, citing alleged insufficient measures were taken to prevent injuries.

Supreme Quality and Drywall alleges failure to pay for completed work

A subcontractor is suing a general contractor and insurer, citing alleged breach of contract.

Motorist sued over Highway 162 rear-end collision

EDWARDSVILLE – An Edwardsville couple is seeking damages from another motorist after their vehicle was rear-ended on Illinois Highway 162.

Motorist allegedly failed to maintain lookout, caused I-64 crash

BELLEVILLE – A Fairview Heights woman is seeking more than $50,000 from a Collinsville resident after a collision on Interstate 64.

Prairietown Volunteer Fireman’s Association denies liability in suit alleging boy fell on playground

The Prairietown Volunteer Fireman’s Association argues that a minor child’s guardians failed to properly supervise him in a suit alleging a boy fell from playground equipment during a wedding reception.

Motorist sues over rear-end collision

BELLEVILLE — A motorist is suing another driver for allegedly causing a rear-end collision.

Kay and Erhart both say they'd stand up to 'Stuart-Madigan' machine

EDWARDSVILLE – One thing for certain this election season for Republicans seeking state office: invoke the name "Madigan" to stir up support among the base.

Court upholds first-degree murder sentence in house fire case that killed 4 children

MOUNT VERNON – The 5th District Appellate Court of Illinois has upheld a first-degree murder sentence and conviction for a Cutler man relating to a house fire he intentionally set in 2013.

Appellate court reverses decision on post-conviction relief because of failure to attach documentation

MOUNT VERNON – An appeals court has reversed a decision denying a man's amended petition for post-conviction relief on the grounds his counsel

Fifth District court reverses ruling finding parents were unfit, but they still don't get custody

MOUNT VERNON – The 5th District Appellate Court has vacated an order that found the biological parents of a 6-year-old girl unfit, but upheld the parenting order that granted an unrelated woman sole decision-making responsibility.

Illinois Prevailing Wage Act does not apply to state's high-speed rail project, court rules

BENTON – The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois granted summary judgment to Professional Transportation Inc. (PTI) in an Illinois Prevailing Wage Act (IPWA) case filed by a former employee.

Man sues over Granite City crash

EDWARDSVILLE – A driver is seeking more than $50,000 in damages over alleged injuries from a collision in Granite City.

Alaskan man convicted on conspiracy charges sues individuals over money collected for legal defense

EAST ST. LOUIS – An Alaskan man previously convicted on federal murder conspiracy charges alleges several individuals used money raised for his legal defense to unjustly enrich themselves.

Motorist allegedly failed to yield, causing St. Clair County crash

BELLEVILLE – A St. Clair County motorist and passenger allege another driver failed to yield and collided with the front of their vehicle.