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Motorist sued over Granite City crash

EDWARDSVILLE — A motorist and passenger are suing over a Granite City collision.

Woman sues following Pontoon Beach crash

EDWARDSVILLE — A motorist claims another driver failed to yield the right of way, causing a Pontoon Beach collision.

Dissolve company sued for allegedly failing to make payments

EDWARDSVILLE — A Chinese company is suing dissolve corporation and its owner for allegedly failing to pay for storage equipment.

Tenant alleges injuries from broken railing

EDWARDSVILLE — A tenant is suing his landlord after the railing on the front porch broke and caused injuries.

Woman alleges First Acceptance Insurance denied uninsured motorist claim

EDWARDSVILLE — A Maidson County woman is suing an insurer and driver after a collision in Alton.

Man allegedly hit with roofing materials

BELLEVILLE — A man claims he was injured when roofing materials were thrown from an office building and landed on his head.

Patient sues Glen Carbon dental office over alleged nerve damage

EDWARDSVILLE — A patient claims he has nerve damage after a tooth extraction and implantation at a Glen Carbon dental office.

Suit alleges woman fell through trampoline padding at Aim High Glen Carbon

EDWARDSVILLE — A woman claims she was injured after she fell through padding surrounding a trampoline.

Sorento couple seeks more than $50K in lawsuit over Edwardsville collision

EDWARDSVILLE — A Sorento couple is suing two drivers for allegedly causing a Madison County collision.

Maintenance technician alleges injuries from lathe machine

BELLEVILLE — A maintenance technician claims two of his fingers were pulled and permanently injured in a lathe machine.

Suit alleges intoxicated man struck grocery store

EDWARDSVILLE — A woman filed a Dram Shop suit against Nick's Bar and Grill after an intoxicated driver allegedly drove into a grocery store.

Construction worker allegedly struck by traffic cone

EDWARDSVILLE — A construction worker claims he was injured when he was hit by a traffic cone.

Pedestrian allegedly struck while crossing Edwardsville street

EDWARDSVILLE — A pedestrian is suing a motorist and his employer for allegedly hitting her while she attempted to cross the street in Edwardsville.

Patient sues counseling providers for alleged negligent care

EDWARDSVILLE — A former patient of counseling providers claims he did not receive competent, professional care during his grief counseling.

Man allegedly injured while sitting on vehicle's trunk

EDWARDSVILLE — A woman claims her son was injured as he attempted to access the vehicle while sitting on the trunk.

Florida bank sues over breach of contract

EDWARDSVILLE — A Florida bank is suing a borrower for allegedly failing to make payments.

CBS, others accused of not warning of asbestos risks

BELLEVILLE — A former laborer claims he developed cancer after being exposed to asbestos fibers during his career.

Plaintiffs seek more than $50K in case over asbestos exposure

BELLEVILLE — A couple is seeking more than $50,000 in damages, claiming the husband's cancer was wrongfully caused.

Husband and wife sue AK Steel, others after husband's cancer diagnosis

BELLEVILLE — A couple has filed a lawsuit seeking damages from a number of companies after the husband was diagnosed with cancer.

Husband's cancer caused by asbestos exposure, alleges suit against Ameron and others

BELLEVILLE — A couple has filed a lawsuit claiming the husband's cancer was induced by asbestos exposure.