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Pension spending out of control and in need of reform, critic says

Are teacher pension subsidies fairly distributed in Illinois?

Tamms property owner allegedly defaulted on mortgage

BENTON – The owner of a Tamms property is accused of falling behind on the mortgage payments.

Federal government alleges individuals defaulted on mortgage for Hamilton County property

BENTON – The owners of a Hamilton County property are claimed to have failed to make mortgage payments for two years.

Owners of Carbondale property alleged to have defaulted on mortgage

BENTON – The mortgage on a Jackson County property is allegedly in default.

Mortgage on Saline County property in default, feds claim

BENTON – The owners of a Saline County property are alleged to have defaulted on the mortgage.

Federal government claims couple owes more than $100,000 on mortgage

BENTON – A couple is being sued for allegedly failing to pay off a mortgage.

Consumer claims Credit Protection Association provided misleading information about report

BENTON – A consumer alleges he was provided incorrect information regarding his credit report.

More than $75,000 allegedly owed on mortgage for Wayne City property

BENTON – The federal government alleges a mortgage on a Wayne City property has not been paid since 2014.

Woman allegedly owes more than $100,000 on a mortgage

BENTON – The owners of a Murphysboro property allegedly owe more than $100,000 on a mortgage.

Woman accused of overdue mortgage

MADISON COUNTY— A woman is being sued for an overdue mortgage.

Woman alleges life-threatening injuries from Xarelto

A woman is seeking damages, claiming that taking a certain medication inflicted life-threatening damages upon her.

Corporation seeks damages for breach of contract

An Illinois corporation is seeking damages, claiming that a business partner breached contract.

Man alleges woman stole father's possessions

A man claims that a woman improperly stole possessions and money from him

Woman claims priest manipulated her into sexual relationship

A woman claims that a priest betrayed her trust and sexually exploited her.

Man alleges complications from Xarelto

A man claims he was injured from taking Xarelto without proper warnings.

St. Clair County Sheriff's officers sued after inmate hangs himself

The estate of a man who committed suicide while being detained by the St. Clair County Sheriff's Department in 2014 sued Sheriff Richard Watson, a number of department officials and the county jail's mental health provider last week alleging they violated the Americans with Disabilities Act when they didn't take his suicide threats seriously. 

Woman sues following East St. Louis car crash

ST. CLAIR COUNTY— A woman is seeking compensation following an East St. Louis automobile incident in which she was physically injured.

Woman alleges negligence caused Belleville car accident

ST. CLAIR COUNTY— A woman is suing another driver over allegations that his negligence led to an accident that caused extensive damage to her vehicle.

Catholic War Veterans Butz-Jobe Post #370 named in woman's trip and fall suit

ST. CLAIR COUNTY— A woman is suing a veterans organization alleging she was injured on its property due to a fall caused by negligence. 

East St. Louis police department sued following alleged vehicle incident

ST. CLAIR COUNTY— A man is suing the East St. Louis Police Department after he was injured in an incident allegedly caused by the reckless driving of an officer.