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Insurance company alleges it is not required to defend Carbondale in man's suit over vehicle seizure

By Carrie Bradon | Jun 13, 2019

BENTON —An insurance company alleges it is not liable to provide coverage for the City of Carbondale in a man's lawsuit claiming his vehicle should not have been seized after he was ticketed for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Insurer claims it is not liable to defend suit over alleged assault

By Carrie Bradon | Jun 12, 2019

BENTON —An insurance company claims it is not liable to defend Red Apple Lounge in a patron's lawsuit alleging he was assaulted.

Welder allegedly pinned down by pipe while working on dam project

By Carrie Bradon | Jun 10, 2019

BENTON – A Thompsonville man claims he was injured due to the negligence of a boat operator when he was pinned down by a heavy pipe while working on a dam project in Olmsted.

Patient alleges infection from non-sterile injection

By Carrie Bradon | Jun 10, 2019

BELLEVILLE —A patient claims she suffered an infection likely caused by a non-sterile injection.

Woman sues over trip, fall at Cahokia Food Pantry

By Carrie Bradon | Jun 7, 2019

BELLEVILLE —A woman is suing the Knights of Cahokia after she allegedly tripped and fell while volunteering at the food pantry.

Man alleges law firm violating debt collection practices during pending arbitration

By Carrie Bradon | Jun 7, 2019

BENTON —A man is suing a law firm for allegedly attempting to collect a previously settled debt during an arbitration proceeding.

Bria Health Services sued following resident's death

By Carrie Bradon | Jun 6, 2019

BELLEVILLE —A man is suing a health services facility after a resident allegedly died after suffering from sepsis and decubitus ulcers.

Fleet mechanic sues over fall down poorly lit staircase

By Carrie Bradon | May 31, 2019

BELLEVILLE — A fleet mechanic is suing a harbor tugboat operator, alleging he was injured when he fell due to a poorly lit staircase.

Patient sues dentist over fracture from tooth extraction

By Carrie Bradon | May 31, 2019

BELLEVILLE — A patient is suing a Swansea dentist, alleging she suffered a mandibular fracture during a tooth extraction.

Four Paws Veterinary Hospital co-owner accused of breaching contract

By Carrie Bradon | May 31, 2019

BELLEVILLE — An O'Fallon veterinarian and veterinary hospital are suing one of its co-owners for allegedly breaching a contract by applying for a zoning change.

Suit alleges pedestrian died after being hit by metro bus

By Carrie Bradon | May 30, 2019

BELLEVILLE — The administrators of a man's estate are suing Bi-state Development after one of the defendant's bus drivers allegedly hit and killed a pedestrian.

Woman sues over slip, fall at O'Fallon McDonald's

By Carrie Bradon | May 28, 2019

BELLEVILLE — A woman claims she was injured after she allegedly slipped and fell on wet floors at the O'Fallon McDonald's.

Patient alleges health care professionals' negligence led to death of newborn child

By Carrie Bradon | May 27, 2019

BENTON — An Illinois woman is suing the United States, alleging a negligent team of health care professionals failed to inform her that she had herpes, resulting in the death of her newborn child.

Roxana woman allegedly developed leukemia from contamination

By Carrie Bradon | May 24, 2019

EDWARDSVILLE — A former Roxana resident is suing Shell and BP, alleging she developed leukemia after toxic products leaked into her home.

Patient sues over trip, fall at assisted living facility

By Carrie Bradon | May 23, 2019

EDWARDSVILLE — A resident is suing a Maryville assisted living facility, alleging she was caused to trip and fall over a protruding door threshold.

Inmate sues St. Clair County sheriff for $2.5M alleging improper medical care

By Carrie Bradon | May 23, 2019

BENTON — A St. Clair County inmate is suing the Sheriff Rick Watson for $2.5 million, alleging he was deprived of post-stroke medical care while in the county jail.

Minor allegedly exposed to sexual content on work computer

By Carrie Bradon | May 23, 2019

BELLEVILLE —A minor is suing her employer, alleging she was unfairly exposed to sexually inappropriate content on a work computer and then terminated for complaining.

Inmate alleges he was denied medical care for hernia

By Carrie Bradon | May 23, 2019

BENTON — An inmate claims he did not receive the proper medical care for a hernia.

Inmate alleges correctional center did not provide proper care for eye condition

By Carrie Bradon | May 22, 2019

BENTON — An inmate claims he was not given proper care for an eye condition, causing him to fall due to loss of depth perception.

Advertising company alleges pacemaker company used photos without consent

By Carrie Bradon | May 22, 2019

BENTON — A Rhode Island advertising company is suing a Belvidere pacemaker company, alleging the plaintiff's photos were used without consent.

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