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Handicap woman alleges wheelchair fell over on Metro bus

BELLEVILLE — A handicap woman alleges her wheelchair was not properly restrained while riding in a Metro bus.

Former yard clerk alleges cancer from exposure to toxic substances

EDWARDSVILLE — A yard clerk is suing a common carrier company for allegedly exposing him to toxic substances during his 40-year career.

Lender claims Troy man didn't repay loan after he sold his home

EDWARDSVILLE — A lender is suing a Troy resident, claiming he didn't repay a loan.

Madison County resident accused of not repaying loan for home

EDWARDSVILLE — A Madison County woman is being accused of failing to repay a loan after her home was sold.

St. Clair County woman seeks judgment over nonpayment of loan

BELLEVILLE — A St. Clair County resident alleges two people did not pay back a loan.

Disabled veteran alleges Mascoutah officer caused emotional distress

BELLEVILLE — A disabled veteran is suing the City of Mascoutah and a police officer alleging intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Woman sues over trip, fall at Edwardsville Showplace 12

EDWARDSVILLE — A woman is suing after she allegedly tripped on the steps leading to the seating at Edwardsville's Showplace 12 theater.

Motorist alleges injuries from St. Clair County collision

BELLEVILLE — A motorist alleges an employee of One Hour Electric negligently caused a collision.

Patient alleges healthcare providers failed to diagnose injury

BELLEVILLE — A patient filed a medical malpractice suit alleging healthcare providers failed to diagnose his posterior ligamentous complex injury.

Man alleges brain injury after hitting head on dump truck

BELLEVILLE — A union operating engineer alleges a dump truck driver caused the truck to strike the plaintiff in the head while attempting to free the vehicle from the mud.

Motorist allegedly caused collision while attempting to merge

BELLEVILLE — A motorist alleges another driver attempting to merge into traffic caused a collision.

Passenger alleges property owner failed to install railroad signals

EDWARDSVILLE — A passenger injured in a collision with a train is suing a property owner for allegedly failing to install railroad crossing signals.

Woman files medical malpractice suit against Lincoln Surgical Associates

BELLEVILLE — A personal representative is suing healthcare providers for allegedly causing a patient's death.

Motorist sues over I-64 collision

BELLEVILLE — A driver is suing another motorist for allegedly causing a crash on Interstate 64.

Driver sued over Rand Lane Road crash

BELLEVILLE — A motorist claims she was injured in a collision on Rand Lane Road.

Property owner alleges former tenants failed to make payments

BELLEVILLE — A property owner is suing former tenants for allegedly failing and refusing to make payments.

Insured motorist alleges State Farm failed to provide coverage

BELLEVILLE — An insured motorist is suing State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company for allegedly failing to provide underinsured motorist coverage.

Woman alleges she was forced to walk on injured ankle

BELLEVILLE — A woman is suing Fairview Heights police officers for allegedly forcing her to walk on an injured ankle.

Man alleges freight train struck vehicle

BELLEVILLE — A man claims he was injured when his vehicle was struck by a freight train.

Motorist alleges driver ran stop sign, caused collision

BELLEVILLE — A motorist is suing another driver for allegedly running a stop sign and causing a collision on North Illinois Street.