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Passenger sues following collision

EDWARDSVILLE — A passenger is suing a vehicle operator for allegedly causing a collision after failing to stay in the proper lane.

Driver, passenger allege injuries from collision

EDWARDSVILLE — A driver and passenger are suing another motorist for allegedly causing a collision.

Alton nursing home sued for negligence

EDWARDSVILLE — An estate administrator is suing several nursing home facility operators for allegedly failing to protect the patient from abuse and neglect. 

Man alleges injuries in forklift collision

EDWARDSVILLE — A motorist is suing Electro Express LLC and its employee after he was allegedly injured when his forklift was struck by a commercial vehicle.

Highland H&R Block franchisee alleges breach of contract

EDWARDSVILLE — An H&R Block franchisee is suing two people who allegedly failed to make payments after purchasing the Highland business. 

Woman alleges motorist failed to yield right of way

EDWARDSVILLE — A motorist is suing another driver for allegedly causing a collision after failing to yield the right of way.  

Michigan man claims exposure to asbestos from 3M Co., others caused cancer

BELLEVILLE – A Michigan couple alleges decades of exposure to asbestos caused the husband's lung cancer.

Motorist alleges driver failed to stop, caused vehicle to overturn

BELLEVILLE – A New Baden resident claims that he was injured when a Shiloh man failed to stop and collided with his vehicle in Summerfield.

Widow names The Budd Co., others in asbestos suit

BELLEVILLE – A widow alleges her late husband's death was caused by lung cancer related to asbestos exposure.

Woman claims asbestos exposure from AT&T Corp., other manufacturers contributed to mother's death

BELLEVILLE – A daughter alleges her late mother's exposure to asbestos during her employment contributed to her death.

Motorist sues over Granite City rear-end collision

EDWARDSVILLE – A Granite City man alleges he was injured in a collision in the city caused by a distracted driver.

Tenants of Alton property sue landlords after fall, eviction

EDWARDSVILLE – The tenants of an Alton property allege they were wrongfully evicted after filing a complaint about the property's conditions.

Motorist sues over Wood River collision

EDWARDSVILLE – A driver and owner of a vehicle are seeking damages after a collision in Wood River.

Woman alleges injuries from slip, fall at Granite City Taco Bell

EDWARDSVILLE – A patron at the Taco Bell in Granite City alleges she was injured there because of the condition of the floor.

Widow names Alfa Laval, Aurora Pump in asbestos suit

BELLEVILLE – A widow alleges the negligence of several companies that used asbestos in the products contributed to her husband's death.

Woman alleges punching bag machine at Brazz Monkee caused fall

EDWARDSVILLE – An invitee at a Wood River establishment claims that a tripping hazard outside the women's restroom caused her to fall.

Woman files suit against Alton driver after accident

EDWARDSVILLE – An Elsah woman has filed suit against an Alton woman alleging injuries from a car accident.

Driver accused of hitting pedestrian in parking lot

EDWARDSVILLE — A former Lowe's employee is suing Marilyn Elick, a vehicle operator, alleging negligence and insufficient measures taken to prevent injuries.

Woman accuses Lutheran Senior Services of negligence

EDWARDSVILLE — A woman is suing Lutheran Senior Services, the owner of Meridian Village, citing neglidgence and alleging that insufficient measures were taken to prevent injuries.

Former employee claims harassment at George Weber Chevrolet

EDWARDSVILLE – A woman is suing George Weber Chevrolet Company, Julie Lewis and Kevin Lewis, alleging hostile work environment, harassment, retaliation and discrimination.