News from February 2017

Five convicted of East St. Louis vote fraud in ’05 worked for campaigns in ‘16

By Record News | Feb 1, 2017

EAST ST. LOUIS – Five persons who bought votes in 2004 received $12,350 as campaign workers last year.  The St. Clair County central Democratic committee paid $2,000 to Charles Powell Jr., who led local meetings about buying votes in 2004.  

Moore's seat in First Judicial Circuit to be filled by Carbondale attorney Gill

By Ann Maher | Feb 1, 2017

Carbondale attorney Carey C. Gill, 40, of Carterville has been appointed an at large circuit judge in the First Judicial Circuit, the Illinois Supreme Court announced Jan. 26.

Federal court green-lights lawsuit challenging state’s gun restriction policies for families

By Nancy Crist | Feb 1, 2017

URBANA — A federal judge recently denied the state’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit challenging its foster parent policies restricting firearms possession.

Illinois Chamber: 'Business Opportunity' tax would be job killer; State needs to constrain spending, accelerate growth

By Tabitha Fleming | Feb 1, 2017

SPRINGFIELD – If lawmakers adopt a “Business Opportunity Tax Act.” it would make Illinois one of the few states in the nation that taxes payroll, and would return personal and corporate tax rates to near record-high rates that residents were subject to during the term of Gov. Pat Quinn.

St. Clair County treasurer, tax buyers seek to exclude engineer's testimony in bid-rigging class action

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Feb 1, 2017

St. Clair County Treasurer Charles Suarez and several tax buyers accused of participating in a bid-rigging conspiracy seek to exclude an engineer’s testimony and opinion.

Tightening of 'part-timers' pension eligibility seen as positive by taxpayers' advocate, but only 'tinkers' with big problem

By Shanice Harris | Feb 2, 2017

A taxpayers' advocate sees a recent decision that increases the minimum number of hours that Madison County employees must work in order to be eligible for pension benefits as a positive move, but one that only "tinkers" with a more profound problem.

Proposed payroll tax seen as burden on business

By Kristin Regula | Feb 2, 2017

While it might not be such a problem for big businesses to absorb a proposed "Business Opportunity" tax - "for the privilege of doing business in the state" - small business owners could suffer the greatest.

Mother, children allege injuries from collision

By Michael Abella | Feb 2, 2017

EDWARDSVILLE — A woman claims she and her children were injured in a collision on Collinsville Road.

Watchdogs searching for corruption across Illinois say they're finding it

By Amanda Robert | Feb 2, 2017

It’s obvious that Illinois faces a long list of problems – a history of public corruption, never-ending financial trouble and the continued exodus of people and businesses – but who or what is at fault is a little harder to understand.

Woman alleges motorist caused collision on IL 140

By Michael Abella | Feb 3, 2017

EDWARDSVILLE — A woman claims she and her child were injured in a collision on IL 140.

Chief Justice Patricia Breckenridge tells lawmakers that Missouri Supreme Court is part of good system

By Dawn Geske | Feb 3, 2017

JEFFERSON CITY, MISSOURI – In her last big speech as chief justice of the Missouri Supreme Court, Patricia Breckenridge gave the State of the Judiciary speech on Jan. 24 to the Missouri General Assembly, discussing the progress of the court system, new appointments and future plans.

Man blames Granite City motorist for crash

By Michael Abella | Feb 3, 2017

EDWARDSVILLE — A man from Pontoon Beach is suing a Granite City motorist for allegedly causing a collision.

Man sues Buckey's Express over slip and fall

By Michael Abella | Feb 3, 2017

EDWARDSVILLE — An man is suing a gas station after he slipped and fell on a puddle of water.

Special prosecutors have been picked to lead Duebbert investigation

By Ann Maher | Feb 6, 2017

Prosecutors from outside the Metro East have been picked to lead an investigation of St. Clair County Circuit Judge Ronald Duebbert to decide whether he should be charged with obstruction of justice related to a first degree murder case.

Goddard School owner pleads guilty to failing to report suspected child abuse

By LocalLabs | Feb 6, 2017

The owner of The Goddard School in Edwardsville plead guilty to willfully failing to report suspected child abuse.

Supreme Court consolidates budget impasse and labor contract appeals at Fourth District

By Ann Maher | Feb 6, 2017

The Illinois Supreme Court has consolidated appeals to the Fourth District Appellate Court involving Gov. Bruce Rauner’s declaration that negotiations with a state labor union have reached impasse and that workers' contracts have expired.

Woman alleges injuries from dog attack

By Michael Abella | Feb 6, 2017

EDWARDSVILLE — A woman alleges she was attacked by a dog while using a public sidewalk in Collinsville.

Man alleges debt collector tried collecting on resolved debt

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Feb 7, 2017

EAST ST. LOUIS — A man is suing a debt collector for allegedly attempting to collect on a nonexistent debt.

Consumer alleges inaccurate credit reporting following bankruptcy

By Michael Abella | Feb 7, 2017

EAST ST. LOUIS — A consumer claims he suffered damages when several debt collectors failed to indicate that a debt was discharged in bankruptcy.

Madison County asbestos motion docket Feb. 14-17

By Carrie Gonzalez | Feb 7, 2017

The Madison County asbestos motion docket is scheduled for Feb. 14 and 17 at 9 a.m. in Associate Judge Stephen Stobbs' courtroom, room 327, at the Madison County Circuit Court in Edwardsville.

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