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Plaintiff claims speeding driver caused rear-end collision

BELLEVILLE – A motorist is suing over injuries he allegedly suffered during an automobile crash.

Plaintiff claims driver hit his car when she pulled away from curb

BELLEVILLE – A motorist is suing over injuries he allegedly received when the side and rear of his vehicle were struck.

Patient claims dermatologist injected her with wrong substance

BELLEVILLE – A dermatology patient is suing over the administration of an allegedly incorrect substance to her face.

Asphalt company claims Collinsville owes nearly $160,000

BELLEVILLE – An asphalt company is suing over allegations that it wasn't fully paid for work a municipality contracted for and the company completed.

Man claims motorist failed to stop

BELLEVILLE – A driver is suing over injuries that allegedly occurred when another driver's vehicle collided with his.

Plaintiff claims driver's negligence led to collision, death

BELLEVILLE – The administrator of an estate is suing over an motor vehicle accident that left her relative dead.

Plaintiff claims Bella Milano sold her a salad that damaged a tooth

BELLEVILLE – A restaurant patron is suing after she allegedly injured a tooth while eating a salad the restaurant sold her.

Plaintiff claims negligent driving led to crash, injuries

BELLEVILLE – A motorist is suing over injuries she allegedly received in the course of an automobile accident.

Mother claims daughter was injured during an OTHS gym class game

BELLEVILLE – The mother of a high school student is suing on her daughter's behalf over injuries she allegedly suffered during gym class.

Survivors claim driver working for Anheuser-Busch caused fatal collision

EDWARDSVILLE – Two surviving children of a motorcyclist killed in an motor vehicle accident are suing over his alleged wrongful death.

Woman fights insurer over cutoff of disability benefits

BENTON – A Belleville woman is suing over an insurance company's alleged cutoff of long-term disability benefits.

Plaintiff claims collision caused bodily injury, property damage

EDWARDSVILLE – A motorist is suing over injuries he allegedly received in the course of an automobile collision. He is citing negligence.

Plaintiffs claim defendants owe them access fees for telephone services

BENTON – Two Illinois telephone companies are suing over the defendants' alleged refusal to pay access fees for services they provide.

Wood River man claims towing service applies fees unjustly; Attorney Maag seeks class certification

EDWARDSVILLE – A Wood River resident is suing over allegedly unjust and unequal towing fees charged by a Wood River towing service. He seeks class-action status.

Workers' compensation plan seeks reimbursement from driver

EAST ST. LOUIS – A workers' compensation plan is suing to receive reimbursement from a driver who allegedly caused an automobile accident.

Plaintiff claims employer didn't properly forward withheld child support payments

EDWARDSVILLE – An Illinois father is suing over the alleged mishandling of child support payments by his employer.

Residents claim discrimination by housing authority

EAST ST. LOUIS – A group of residents is suing over allegedly disparate treatment by their landlords based on race. Violations of the Fair Housing Act are cited among the 10 counts.

Woman alleges former employer underfunded employee pension plans

BENTON – A former employee of St. Anthony's Health Center is suing over the alleged mishandling of employee pension plans.

Cahokia man alleges false arrest for armed robbery

BENTON – A Cahokia man is suing over several scenarios that he says played out after his allegedly unlawful arrest.

Patient alleges infection from medical device

BENTON – A married couple is suing over injuries the wife allegedly suffered because of the use of a medical device manufactured by the defendants.