News from December 2017

Stop increasing our property taxes

By The Madison County Record | Dec 1, 2017

To all taxing bodies: It's time to stop this addiction to OPM (Other People's Money). Stop increasing our property taxes and start living within our means.

Taxpayer Federation of Illinois president: 'Legitimate concern' state's middle class could see tax increase from federal bill

By Dee Thompson | Dec 1, 2017

CHICAGO – The Democrat-controlled Illinois legislature passed a state income tax increase on all working Illinoisans in July and experts say it could hurt the middle class in addition to the impact on the middle class that's expected to occur if the tax bill currently in Congress passes.

Alabama man files suit against John Crane Inc. over father's alleged asbestos exposure injuries

By Lhalie Castillo | Dec 1, 2017

EDWARDSVILLE – An estate representative residing in Alabama has filed a suit over allegations that his late father's lung cancer was caused by exposure to asbestos.

Erhart: 'Career politicians are responsible for many of our state’s problems'

By Christopher Mobley | Dec 1, 2017

EDWARDSVILLE – Maryville resident Wendy Erhart plans to use her experience as a businesswoman to bring reform to the economy of Illinois if elected to the 112th State House District.

Appellate court upholds 11-year sentence of man accused of hitting toddler

By Elizabeth Alt | Dec 1, 2017

MOUNT VERNON – A Belleville man who pleaded guilty for aggravated battery of a child in 2012 will serve 11 years with three years of mandated supervised release after his appeal for a lighter sentence was denied.

Advance Amusement alleges AAA Gaming owes more than $150,000

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Dec 1, 2017

BELLEVILLE – A St. Clair County man alleges he is owed $150,000 from a Chicago corporation for the purchase of gaming properties.

Former laborer names ABB Inc., others in asbestos injury suit

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Dec 1, 2017

BELLEVILLE – A former laborer alleges asbestos exposure through a variety of products during his career caused him to develop lung cancer.

Duebbert enters not guilty plea before visiting judge in St. Clair County

By Record News | Dec 1, 2017

BELLEVILLE - St. Clair County Circuit Judge Ronald Duebbert pleaded not guilty of sexual abuse and other charges earlier today.

Poshard’s attorney says she continues to suffer retaliation; Says county's reports not yet reviewed

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Dec 2, 2017

Counsel for former Madison County Administrator of Community Development Kristen Poshard says the county “proactively publicized” its retaliation when it considered releasing information that it previously wanted to protect.

Southern District Court removes two defendants in racketeering, wire fraud suit between brothers

By Dee Thompson | Dec 4, 2017

EAST ST. LOUIS – A motion to dismiss in a business dispute between two brothers has been partially granted in a dispute involving a cash lending business.

Stephen Tillery accused of infringing on IRS turf

By The Madison County Record | Dec 4, 2017

Who wants to get involved with the Internal Revenue Service if they don't have to?

New IRS data: Illinois sees record loss of people, income to other states

By Austin Berg, Illinois Policy Institute | Dec 4, 2017

The Land of Lincoln is experiencing heavy losses of people and income to other states, new IRS data reveal. Illinois lost more than 86,000 people and $4.75 billion in adjusted gross income to other states from 2015-2016.

Woman seeks more than $800K from insurer over car crash

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Dec 4, 2017

BELLEVILLE – A woman injured in a car accident who was awarded a judgment is seeking the amount from the insurer of the other driver.

Man blames colon cancer on asbestos exposure from Aurora Pump, others' products

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Dec 4, 2017

EDWARDSVILLE – A man alleges his colon cancer was caused by exposure to asbestos during his working career.

Taxpayers spend tens of thousands on Illinois municipal conference; Alton among cities not participating

By Greg Bishop, Dan McCaleb and Cole Lauterbach, Illinois News Network | Dec 4, 2017

Quincy city officials billed taxpayers nearly $18,000 to attend a three-day municipal conference at the upscale Hilton Chicago hotel in late September.

Local family vacationing in Branson questions why an MCT vehicle was parked at entertainment venue Grand Country

By Ann Maher | Dec 4, 2017

A Chevy Silverado bearing the name "Madison County Transit" was spotted in the parking lot of a Branson entertainment venue over the weekend, and prompted a local family vacationing there to ask for an explanation.

Madison County participates in bicentennial flag-raising ceremony

By Record News | Dec 4, 2017

Madison County officials participated in a flag-raising ceremony, commemorating the start of the state's bicentennial celebration.

From Legal Newsline

Florida tops tort reform group's list of ‘Judicial Hellholes,' while California No. 2

By Jessica Karmasek | Dec 5, 2017

California, City of St. Louis Circuit Court, New York City’s asbestos court and Philadelphia round out the American Tort Reform Association’s top five this year.

Madison County ranked seventh in 'Judicial Helholes' report; St. Clair County not on the list

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Dec 5, 2017

Madison County and St. Louis were named as two of the worst jurisdictions in the nation according to the American Tort Reform Foundation’s annual Judicial Hellholes report.

Belleville couple sues over O'Fallon rear-end collision

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Dec 5, 2017

BELLEVILLE – A Belleville couple is seeking damages after a rear-end collision in O'Fallon.

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