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State considering lump-sum pension buyouts; But lawmakers say proposals in very early stages

SPRINGFIELD —Lawmakers are in very early talks about giving retired government workers a choice much like lottery winners: Collect the pension benefits owed to them over several years, or cash out immediately but with a smaller lump sum.

First base and running lane did not comply with ASA rules, injured player argues at trial in Matoesian's court

Madison County Circuit Judge Andreas Matoesian is presiding over trial involving a softball player's alleged injuries at a Staunton tournament in August 2007.

Judge Kelley denies dismissal in former NFL player’s suit against Scott Credit Union

St. Clair County Associate Judge Randall Kelley denied Scott Credit Union’s motion to dismiss a former St. Louis Cardinals football player’s suit alleging consumer fraud.

East St. Louis Police Department denies liability in man’s suit alleging injuries while fleeing from police

The East St. Louis Police Department denies liability in a man’s lawsuit alleging he was injured while trying to flee from a police officer.

Construction company denies liability, files third-party complaint in personal injury suit

A construction company denies liability and claims a Cahokia man’s employer is to blame in the personal injury lawsuit alleging the man was injured when a piece of equipment hit him.

St. Clair County Public Building Commission seeks dismissal in woman’s suit alleging exposure to toxic chemicals

St. Clair County’s Public Building Commission claims it is a “separate body politic” from St. Clair County and seeks dismissal in a woman’s lawsuit alleging she was exposed to hazardous chemicals from cleaning products.

East St. Louis school alleges immunity in student’s slip and fall lawsuit

The East St. Louis School District 189 says it is immune from liability in a student’s lawsuit alleging she slipped and fell in the high school gymnasium.

Tractor-trailer driver sues former employer for retaliatory discharge

BELLEVILLE – A tractor-trailer driver is suing over retaliatory discharge from his place of employment.

Man alleges he was injured while riding in a Metro bus

BELLEVILLE – A passenger on a city bus is suing over injuries he allegedly received when the bus was involved in an accident.

Man alleges libel and wrongful termination following alleged false statement

BELLEVILLE – A Collinsville man claims he was wrongfully terminated after an alleged statement he made was misinterpreted, published and sent to the managers at his former employment.

Man sues nursing home over alleged neglect

BELLEVILLE – A man is suing Four Fountains Convalescent Center for negligence and violation of the Nursing Home Care Act following a patient's death.

All but one appellate court candidates rated 'highly qualified'; Barberis says panelist who interviewed him was an official he didn't re-appoint

Three of four judicial candidates seeking a seat at the Fifth District Appellate Court have been rated highly qualified by evaluators at the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA).

Alton Rehab and Nursing Center sued for alleged negligence

EDWARDSVILLE – The executor of a woman's estate is suing over negligent health care that led to her death.

St. Clair County motorist sues driver over rear-end accident

BELLEVILLE – A St. Clair County motorist is suing a Swansea driver, alleging negligence for injuries he says he received in an automobile accident.

East St. Louis motorist alleges another driver's negligence caused collision

BELLEVILLE – An East St. Louis man is suing a Cahokia motorist, alleging negligence for injuries he says he suffered in an automobile accident.

Belleville customer blames Menard's for fall in snow

BELLEVILLE – A Belleville man is suing Menard's, alleging negligence for injuries he says he suffered when he fell on snow at the defendant's O'Fallon store.

Real estate agent accuses Diamond State Insurance of breach of contract

BELLEVILLE – A real estate agent is suing her insurance company, alleging refusal to adhere to all provisions of her policy.

Tenant sues after slipping on snow and ice outside his O'Fallon residence

BELLEVILLE – An O'Fallon man is suing over injuries he suffered when he slipped and fell on the snow- and ice-covered sidewalk outside his residence.

Woman alleges wrongful termination from Bria Health Services

BELLEVILLE – A former nursing home employee is suing Bria Health Services for alleged wrongful termination after she refused to alter health questionnaires.

Motorist blames Family Foods & Concessions, driver for accident

BELLEVILLE – A female motorist is suing a Missouri foods business, alleging negligence for injuries she says she suffered when a pickup truck towing a cargo trailer collided with her vehicle.