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Illinois Policy Institute: Job numbers reflect both progress and trouble

By Hoang Tran | Mar 31, 2016

CHICAGO – The Illinois job numbers arrived last week and it is a mixed bag. While the state has added more than 18,000 jobs, unemployment has also risen to 6.4 percent, up from the 6.3 percent it was in January.

Seventh Circuit finds severance agreement enforcable and valid in case against CVS

By Hoang Tran | Jan 19, 2016

In a victory for employers, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) lost its case against CVS Pharmacy when the Seventh Circuit ruled last month that an employment severance agreement, which the plaintiff signed, is both valid and enforceable in EEOC v. CVS.

Veterans Treatment Court gives second chances to soldiers who have served

By Hoang Tran | Dec 14, 2015

“These Veterans have sacrificed their lives to keep us free. They have endured countless hours away from their families. They have suffered, some wounded, not only physically, but also mentally. They have observed many brutal and bloody incidents. They have seen friends injured and wounded or killed...many have been scarred as a result of their protecting our freedom. They deserve a second chance, and Veteran’s Court provides them that opportunity."

Ex-Navy man blames companies for exposure to asbestos

By Hoang Tran | Dec 2, 2015

A former U.S. Navy firefighter is suing several companies, alleging exposure to asbestos products.

Lawsuit challenges constitutionality of state law designating SEIU as representative of Illinois home caregivers, child care providers

By Hoang Tran | Nov 12, 2015

Six Illinois child care providers and home caretakers displeased with being forced by state law to have the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) represent them have filed a federal lawsuit in Chicago asking the state to strike down the law and remove the SEIU as their union representative.

Clinton County man suffers injuries due to vehicle collision

By Hoang Tran | Nov 9, 2015

A Clinton County man is suing a St. Clair County driver over an auto collision.

American National Insurance sued over employee's alleged misrepresentation

By Hoang Tran | Nov 3, 2015

A Madison County woman is suing an insurance company and its rep over misrepresentation of work.

St. Clair Square Mall sued over leaky toilet

By Hoang Tran | Oct 27, 2015

Madison County woman suing shopping center for injuries sustained while she was using the bathroom.

Man sues Trouw Nutrition over sexual harassment claims

By Hoang Tran | Oct 12, 2015

A man is suing his former employer over allegations of sexual harassment and wrongful termination.

Former Roxana teacher alleges injuries from Shell Oil pollution

By Hoang Tran | Oct 12, 2015

A former teacher is suing oil manufacturers over claims of pollution.

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