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File & ServeXpress has the expertise to integrate legal filings across many court systems

By Robert Hadley | Jun 6, 2019

Although e-filing court documents has streamlined the legal process, no universal standards exist for transmitting data. It’s up to the sender to learn the requirements to match each system.

From Legal Newsline

40 Under 40 winner Chris Stoy helps client to $1.3 million settlement in injury claim

By Robert Hadley | May 24, 2019

Imagine waking up after a blow to the head with little visible damage but the uncanny feeling something isn’t right.

Class-action suit aims to end allegedly invalid wage garnishments

By Robert Hadley | May 12, 2016

EDWARDSVILLE – A Madison County woman has filed a class-action lawsuit against a firm that allegedly collects wage garnishments after the underlying actions have expired.

Landlord accuses tenants of failing to pay rent

By Robert Hadley | May 12, 2016

EDWARDSVILLE – A Madison County woman is suing two tenants who allegedly owe her more than $80,000 in unpaid rent.

Nexium lawsuit blames AstraZeneca for alleged side effects

By Robert Hadley | May 7, 2016

BENTON – A Madison County man has filed a class-action suit against pharma giant AstraZeneca over claims it failed to adequately warn users of its drug Nexium about alleged dangerous side effects.

Motorist blames injuries on truck driver, produce company

By Robert Hadley | May 7, 2016

ST. LOUIS – A Missouri man says a truck driver’s alleged careless driving caused him to suffer serious injuries in a car crash.

Patient accuses hospital of filing erroneous debt-collection lawsuit

By Robert Hadley | May 7, 2016

ST. LOUIS – A Union County woman says a hospital’s lawsuit against her over a debt is without merit because she was making payments under a plan both parties had approved.

Injured driver sues another motorist, insurance firm in traffic accident dispute

By Robert Hadley | Oct 28, 2015

A Granite City woman is suing her insurance company and another driver in a dispute involving a traffic accident.

Farmer claims pesticides damaged his crops

By Robert Hadley | Oct 28, 2015

A Madison County couple who own a produce farm are suing a chemical company over the alleged negligent use of pesticides. Brian and Peggy Boeser filed a lawsuit Oct. 16 in the Madison County Third Judicial Circuit Court against CHS Inc. doing business as CHS-Shipman Elevator Co., CHS-Shipman Inc. and Jared Scott Mettler.

Woman sued over injuries caused by allegedly negligent driving

By Robert Hadley | Oct 28, 2015

Madison County Circuit Court An Illinois man is suing over claims of injuries sustained as a result of a car crash. Thomas Parmer filed a lawsuit on Oct. 9 in Madison County Circuit Court against Estraya Sanchez, alleging that Sanchez negligently collided into the rear of his vehicle while driving. According to the claim, on Nov. 5, 2014 Sanchez was driving and failed to look ahead, failed to yield the right of way, and was speeding.

Alleged damage from construction of Keystone Pipeline triggers landowner's lawsuit

By Robert Hadley | Oct 27, 2015

A deceased woman’s estate is suing TransCanada, a subcontractor for the Keystone Pipeline project, for alleged fraud and negligence in a dispute surrounding some Illinois farmland.

Holland Construction sued following traffic accident

By Robert Hadley | Oct 27, 2015

A St. Clair County woman and a passenger in her vehicle are suing the owner of construction company for negligence in a car crash involving his company car. Rita Curtis and Charles Bailey filed a lawsuit Oct. 8 in St. Clair County’s 20th Judicial Circuit Court against Bruce Holland and Holland Construction Services Inc.

Couple sues Hardin driver, alleging negligence in car accident

By Robert Hadley | Sep 29, 2015

A Madison County couple is suing a Hardin driver, alleging negligence in a car crash.

Man convicted of aggravated battery to child sues MC State's Attorney claiming defamation

By Robert Hadley | Sep 28, 2015

A man who was convicted in January on four counts of aggravated battery to a child, and sentenced Tuesday to 24 years in prison, filed suit against Madison County State's Attorney Tom Gibbons and another individual for statements they made on TV and social media regarding his case.

Freeburg woman sues chiropracter for allegedly causing stroke

By Robert Hadley | Sep 25, 2015

A St. Clair County woman is suing a chiropractor for alleged injuries suffered during treatment of neck pain.

Breach of contract suit filed over storm-damaged church roof

By Robert Hadley | Sep 25, 2015

A construction company is suing a church for breach of contract, as well as a former sales representative, for allegedly violating an employment agreement in a dispute surrounding repairs for a storm-damaged roof.

Child's estate sues financial firms for alleged misappropriation of funds

By Robert Hadley | Sep 25, 2015

The estate of a 5-year-old girl is suing an insurance company for alleged financial mismanagement.

Madison County woman claims drunk driver fled the scene of an accident in Dram Shop suit

By Robert Hadley | Sep 24, 2015

A Madison County woman is suing a bar patron and the bar that served him liquor in an alleged drunk driving accident.

Man and woman sue driver for negligence in East Alton car crash

By Robert Hadley | Sep 24, 2015

A couple is suing a man in a dispute surrounding an auto accident.

Man sues storage company after it allegedy sold his items

By Robert Hadley | Sep 24, 2015

An Edwardsville man is suing a storage company for allegedly taking his belongings without proper warning of late payments.

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