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Bicyclist struck by car in Swansea sues


Caseyville nursing home named in wrongful death lawsuit


Marine Township car accident leads to lawsuit


Passenger in car crash sues both drivers involved


Woman slips, falls outside of Edwardsville movie theatre; sues for negligence

Another personal injury suit has been filed against the operator of an Edwardsville movie theater.

Edwardsville movie theater sued over patron's slip on ice

An Edwardsville movie-goer is suing over a slip on ice in January 2012.

Suit: Drunk partygoer being driven home in his own car, yanks gearshift, causes crash

Plaintiff Daniel L. Hoerchler is suing over injuries he says were caused by the reckless acts of an intoxicated passenger.

'70 Corvette allegedly damaged while in care of mechanic, suit says

Jack Lingenfelder filed suit in Madison County Circuit Court on Jan. 3, naming C.A.M.S Automotive as defendant.

Car accident resulting in two fatalities leads to civil lawsuit


Suit filed over car accident

Sara Gentry filed suit Dec. 26 in the St. Clair County Circuit Court, naming Karl Kuni and Joseph Rackhaus as defendants in a suit over a car accident.

Bayer named in product liability case over contraceptive Mirena