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Sheriff had pension benefits boosted by one-third in last month as Cahokia police chief

By Record News | Aug 27, 2018

CAHOKIA – Pension benefits for former Cahokia police chief Rick Watson, now St. Clair County sheriff, were boosted by 33 percent in his last 35 days as chief, according to records of the trustees and the state insurance commission.

Peel files another appeal, wants 7th Circuit to give him one more shot at proving innocence

By Record News | Aug 21, 2018

CHICAGO – Former lawyer Gary Peel, who spent 10 years in prison for possession of child pornography and for bankruptcy fraud, wants U.S. Seventh Circuit appellate judges to give him one last shot at proving his innocence.

Deputy election clerk who lost job for filing campaign paperwork on government time, has worked for many Democrat office holders

By Record News | Aug 20, 2018

BELLEVILLE – Margaret Eros of Belleville, whose actions as treasurer for Sheriff Rick Watson’s campaign caused her to lose her job as a St. Clair County election clerk last week, has worked hard for several other Democrat office holders through the years.

Recent St. Clair County jury verdict result in mixed verdicts: tiny, big, and mistrial

By Record News | Aug 16, 2018

BELLEVILLE – St. Clair County jurors in recent civil trials rendered a big verdict for one plaintiff, tiny verdicts for two, and no verdict at all for one.

Judge denies elderly woman’s move to thwart daughter’s control of assets

By Record News | Aug 14, 2018

BELLEVILLE – Margaret Ashmann, 85, whose children claim she isn’t competent enough to be independent, understood a decision of a probate judge well enough to weep.

Judge Gleeson masters social media

By The Madison County Record | Aug 14, 2018

“Great addition to the bench. Welcome soon-to-be Judge Stiehl!”

Co-defendant Cerro wants Gleeson to unseal documents in pollution suit, saying lack of access denies 'fundamental fairness'

By Record News | Aug 14, 2018

BELLEVILLE – Cerro Flow copper company, facing trial against 11,256 plaintiffs, wants to see a document St. Clair County Chief Judge Andrew Gleeson has kept not only from the public but also from Cerro Flow.

Watson and County must defend sexual assault suit; Deputy allegedly twice victimized woman in her home

By Record News | Aug 13, 2018

BENTON – Sheriff Rick Watson and St. Clair County must defend claims that their failures caused deputy Robert Sneed to sexually assault a woman in her home twice, U.S. District Judge Staci Yandle ruled on Aug. 10.

How will campaigns that rely heavily on public union financing fare in light of Janus?

By Record News | Aug 7, 2018

SPRINGFIELD – Three public employee unions facing a new restriction on their political action gave State Rep. Jay Hoffman of Belleville $202,900 in the last two and a half years under the old rules.

Judge Gleeson’s bias is self-evident

By The Madison County Record | Aug 3, 2018

Last week, attorney Margaret Lowery filed a petition in St. Clair County Circuit Court seeking to have Chief Judge Andrew Gleeson substituted for cause in her case against Trent’s Quality Construction. She accuses Gleeson of having demonstrated bias against her following an incident that occurred two years ago.

Supreme Court precedent carves out single exception for re-trial after mistrial

By Record News | Aug 1, 2018

BELLEVILLE – Before the trial of murder suspect David Fields in St. Clair County Circuit Court started July 23 – ending in mistrial July 26 - special prosecutor Charles Colburn conceded 23 evidence motions that defense lawyers Brittany Kimble and Ryan Neal presented to Circuit Judge Robert Haida.

McGlynn halts move to destroy Glock and Zastava; Says one might be evidence in other crime

By Record News | Jul 31, 2018

BELLEVILLE – Circuit Judge Stephen McGlynn turned into a detective, rejected half of a guilty plea, and held a Missouri murder suspect accountable for a stolen rifle.

Belleville attorney wants chief judge substituted for cause; Claims his ARDC complaint against her shows bias

By Record News | Jul 31, 2018

BELLEVILLE – Attorney regulators closed an investigation of charges Chief Judge Andrew Gleeson brought against lawyer Margaret Lowery, according to a petition she filed in his court on July 26.

Clifford sought to keep 'live' defense witnesses out of Hale v State Farm trial; Herndon denies, and announces retirement

By Record News | Jul 31, 2018

EAST ST. LOUIS – Class action lawyers preparing for a $10 billion conspiracy trial against State Farm sought to prevent 17 defense witnesses from testifying live rather than let their depositions speak for them.

Mistrial declared in Fields' murder trial; Prosecution witness utters forbidden 'shotgun'

By Record News | Jul 26, 2018

BELLEVILLE – One word from witness Michael Taylor, age 16, spoiled the murder trial of David Fields in St. Clair County circuit court.

Updated: Fields murder trial under way; Defense raises questions on 911 call, shell casings

By Record News | Jul 24, 2018

BELLEVILLE – Without cameras in the courtroom, jurors heard opening arguments Tuesday in the murder trial of suspect David Fields, accused of shooting Carl Silas at his Belleville apartment before dawn on Dec. 30, 2016.

Herndon strikes campaigner opinions in upcoming Hale v. State Farm trial saying they lack methodology

By Record News | Jul 24, 2018

EAST ST. LOUIS – U.S. District Judge David Herndon excluded two experts for plaintiffs suing State Farm over its role in the election of current Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Lloyd Karmeier in 2004.

Fifth District vacates defamation order in SIUE professor’s lawsuit

By Record News | Jul 23, 2018

MOUNT VERNON – Madison County Circuit Judge Andy Matoesian improperly found a defendant liable for defamation without evidence that her statements were false, Fifth District appellate judges ruled on July 10.

Why Judge Robert LeChien is ‘irreplaceable’

By The Madison County Record | Jul 17, 2018

Some judges are irreplaceable. It might be their vast knowledge of the law, their many years on the bench, their Solomonic wisdom, the unique rhetorical flair that made their opinions a delight to read even for those who disagreed with them, or some other distinctive attribute.

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