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Employee alleges URS Energy guilty of retaliatory firing

A worker is suing a Madison County energy company, alleging it falsely said he failed a drug test in retaliation for filing a workers compensation claim.

Tavern customer blames Hi-Way for stabbing injuries

A tavern patron is suing an Edwardsville bar and several bar employees, alleging negligence for injuries he says he suffered after being repeatedly stabbed by an intoxicated and over-served bar customer.

Estate seeks court approval of wrongful death settlement

A woman's estate is suing a gas company in an effort to achieve a settlement in a wrongful death suit.

Pontoon Beach man alleges neighbor hit him in front of police

A Pontoon Beach man is suing his neighbor, alleging the defendant chased him with a steel tow chain, threatened to shoot him and struck him in the presence of the police.

Motorist wants BJC Healthcare to waive medical lien against $100,000 settlement

An Illinois man is suing a health care insurer, seeking to dismiss all or a portion of its medical lien against his $100,000 personal injury settlement.

Drivers sued after Fosterburg Road crash

EDWARDSVILLE – A passenger that was injured in an accident in Madison County is suing the driver of that car and the motorist that hit them.

National Vinegar sour about insurance company's refusal to pay claim

GREENVILLE — A Missouri vinegar manufacturer is suing its insurance company, alleging that it refused to pay for loss of stock due to sabotage at its Olney facility.

St. Louis man seeks $63,000 debt from Highland man

ALTON--A St. Louis man is suing an Illinois man, seeking a $63,620 debt after a judgment in the plaintiff's favor.

Former marine's family blames multiple companies for asbestos exposure

BELLEVILLE--The estate of a former marine and painter is suing more than 30 companies, alleging negligence for exposure to asbestos that led to the plaintiff dying of lung cancer.

Driver sues over injury claims after Granite City accident

A Calhoun County driver is suing another driver over negligence claims and for injuries sustained in an accident in Granite City.

Pedestrian struck and injured by speeding vehicle, sues driver for damages

A pedestrian struck and injured by a speeding car is suing the driver over his alleged negligence.

Erie Insurance sued over alleged refusal to pay damages

A Jerseyville man has filed a lawsuit against Erie Insurance Co. to compel payment for his injuries under his uninsured motorist policy.

Cass Commercial Bank sues Maryville couple over allegedly unpaid business loan

A Missouri bank is suing a Maryville couple for money they allegedly still owe on a business loan.

Mother sues motorist for allegedly injuring daughter in St. Jacob accident

A mother is suing a motorist she alleges failed to obey a stop sign, drove recklessly and crashed into her car, injuring her minor daughter.

Driver alleges injuries from Highway 50 collision

A driver sued the operator of a second vehicle for injuries sustained in a collision on Highway 50 in St. Clair County, Illinois.

Driver alleges motorist caused serious injuries in rear-end collision

A driver of an automobile traveling west bound on Fairwood Hills Road sues the owner and operator of a vehicle traveling in the same direction that allegedly slams into the rear end of the lead vehicle.

Driver and two passengers sue for injuries allegedly sustained in rear-end collision

An automobile driver and two passengers sued the driver of a second vehicle when the three were rear ended while driving on Illinois Route 157.

Driver sues for injuries allegedly sustained in Alton collision

A driver sued the operator of a second vehicle for injuries sustained in an accident on Belle and State Streets.

Belleville woman claims motorist caused three-car collision in Mascoutah

A Belleville motorist filed a lawsuit against a driver who allegedly caused a three car collision.

Patient says Xarelto makers misrepresented drug

A disgruntled Xarelto patient filed suit against major pharmaceutical manufacturers, developers, and researchers alleging they fraudulently misrepresented the dug's benefits, risks and dangers.