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Alton attorney Donald Smith dies after wife backs over him in Expedition; Sheriff is investigating


Fairview Heights drug house reduced to a pile of rubble

Demolished remains of 20 Kassing Dr.

Miner alleges wrongful termination involving work comp claim


Doit's Village Inn sued over bar brawl

A customer of Doit's Village Inn is suing another patron and the bar for injuries he suffered during a fight at the establishment.

Woman sues former employer for lost IRA funds, defamation and emotional distress

A Collinsville woman is seeking matching IRA funds from her former employer.

REMAX realtor and home builder accsed of withholding property defects

The purchaser of a new home is seeking damages from the builder and realtor who allegedly weren't disclosed in the sale contract.

Customer sues Home Depot over slip and fall

A Home Depot customer is suing the Collinsville store after she slipped and fell on a pool of water in the garden section.

Where's the outrage as Illinois legislators help ruin lives?

"I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore.”

Granite City debtor accused of defaulting on home loan


OSBEC Medical, doctor accused of failing to treat an infection

A patient is suing a medical center and one of its doctors after an Aug. 13, 2012, surgery on her broken left foot led to infection, requiring further surgical treatment and causing permanent disfigurement.

Patient sues health care system, doctors over infected sutures


Customer sues Bethalto McDonald's over slip and fall

A McDonald's customer claims she fell on a slippery floor at the Bethalto restaurant.

Edwardsville grocer sued over floor-mat fall

A customer is suing Dierbergs Markets for injuries she allegedly suffered when she fell on a floor mat while shopping at the grocery store.

Man's estate sues over vehicle accident


Labor-union membership in Illinois: public vs. private

Lopez Bauman

Successors protest division of deceased mother's assets


Magistrate orders plaintiffs in Hale v. State Farm to produce communications


Fifth District finds St. Clair County proper venue for discrimination case against Eli Lilly


Seventh Circuit affirms dismissal of suit claiming neighboring cattle spread diseases, caused farmer’s livestock to die

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals concluded that the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois properly dismissed a lawsuit against state and federal departments of Agriculture alleging they failed to take action against a farmer whose diseased cattle spread infection to a neighboring herd.

Illinois circuit courts survey to evaluate perception and experience by court users