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Yellow Dog, Weezy’s and Decamp deny liability in Dram Shop suit


Three amended complaints filed in personal injury suit


Olin seeks to dismiss claims against employees, says they are unfairly named in retaliatory discharge suit


Gender discrimination suit against Heartland Dental voluntarily dismissed

A woman claiming Heartland Dental discriminated against her because she was pregnant has voluntarily dismissed the lawsuit.

Patient drops case alleging doctor caused irreversible damage to toe


54th Street Bar and Grill blames customer for contributing to alleged damages

An Edwardsville restaurant denies allegations in a lawsuit alleging a customer was injured when she slipped and fell.

Federal judge remands pelvic mesh case to Madison County; Mudge to hear motions to dismiss March 26


Godfrey couple sues Atlantis Pools claiming breach


Parents sue doctor, facility for injuries alleged in childbirth

A couple has filed a lawsuit against an obstetrician, his affiliated medical practice and associated hospital facility for alleged breach of duty in childbirth-related injuries incurred in February 2013.

Patient claims she suffered abrasion during medical procedure


Pregnant accident victim sues tractor-trailer company over injuries

An Illinois mother is suing a Missouri driver and his employer for injuries allegedly received by her unborn son.

Class action claims ingredients in Walgreens' herbal supplements don't match up to label

A newly filed class action complaint alleges that the Walgreen-brand of various herbal supplements don't contain materials they are supposed to, as well as contain materials they are not supposed to.

Philip Morris seeks denial of second request to recuse Karmeier from review of $10B tobacco case


Lawsuit over collapsed airplane hangar following '06 storm settled after opening statements

A lawsuit alleging an improperly constructed airplane hangar collapsed during a 2006 storm was settled Monday night just after opening statements in Madison County Circuit Judge Dennis Ruth’s courtroom.

Herndon allows deposition of Justice Karmeier in $8 billion State Farm case

HerndonLawyers pursuing an $8 billion claim against State Farm may depose Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier about his 2004 campaign, U.S. District Judge David Herndon ruled on Feb. 26.He overturned an order that Magistrate Judge Stephen Williams signed last year, quashing a deposition notice that lead plaintiff Mark Hale served on Karmeier.Herndon also allowed a deposition of State Farm

Belleville bicentennial group claims media company has failed to fully pay for entertainment

A non-profit community organization is suing a media company and two individuals for alleged breach of agreement in a contract dispute from 2014.

Rhode Island man sues over Xarelto in St. Clair County; Janssen spokesperson says company will defend against claims


Police officer sues Cahokia alleging wrongful termination

A St. Clair County career police officer is suing the Village of Cahokia for alleged wrongful termination.

Giving up things is easy when you wind up with something better

February 18th was a big day for folks in Madison County.

Family Video sued over Waterloo man's slip and fall on shoveled snow

A Waterloo man is suing Family Video Movie Club over injuries he claims to have sustained last year when he tried to hop over mounds of snow along the store's sidewalk.