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Ex-wife allegedly hid assets, suit claims

By Kelly Holleran | Nov 8, 2010

A State Farm insurance agent alleges his ex-wife stole more than $30,000 from him, while also refusing to allow him to split her retirement savings.

Argentinians invoke 1853 treaty in Delaware asbestos suit

By Steve Korris | Aug 5, 2009

WILMINGTON, Del. – Three men from Argentina accusing chemical maker DuPont of exposing them to asbestos in Argentina have invoked American jurisdiction pursuant to a treaty that President Franklin Pierce signed in 1853.

Tillery wants Citigroup to pay removal fees in pre-CAFA class action

By Steve Korris | Aug 15, 2008

Tillery EAST ST. LOUIS – Although attorney Stephen Tillery concedes his motion to certify a class action against a Citigroup Inc. subsidiary triggered its removal from Madison County to U.S. district court, he seeks to punish Citigroup for removing it.

State legal horizon changing for tobacco makers

By Rob Luke | Dec 1, 2006

Oregon Supreme Court America's cigarette industry breathed a sigh of relief last week after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to reconsider the Illinois Supreme Court ruling that threw a high-profile class action case against Philip Morris out of court.

Companies named in class action complaints in '04

By Steve Gonzalez | Dec 27, 2004

A list of companies and individuals named in this year's Madison County Circuit Court class action filings, which dropped from 106 in 2003 to 74 in 2004, is as follows:

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