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Patient sues doctor for allegedly prescribing wrong pain medication

A St. Clair County resident is suing a doctor and a physician’s assistant over claims that they prescribed the wrong pain medicine to him, which led him to break out with a rash over his body and suffer through acute kidney failure.

Driver sued for allegedly causing rear-end collision

A motorist is suing another driver for allegedly causing a rear-end collision.

Transportation company sued for allegedly failing to pay proper overtime compensation

Several employees at a St. Clair County transportation company claim they were not paid time-and-a-half for overtime work performed in the past six years.

Former UPS driver sues over alleged slip and fall

A former UPS delivery driver has sued a Madison County supply and equipment company for injuries suffered while trying utitlize, what he claims, were worn uneven portion of a stairway, which led to his fall.

St. Clair County woman sues bowling alley following slip and fall

A St. Clair County resident is suing a bowling alley after she slipped on a substance on the floor of a bowling lane, alleging negligence.