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Jerseyville Manor sued for alleged violations of the Nursing Home Care Act


Bobby's Frozen Custard sues over alleged trademark infringement

Bobby's at Buffalo Park is being sued over claims of trademark infringement and unfair competition.

IDOT prevails in good faith challenge to quick take; Land was needed for new bridge construction

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) made a good-faith attempt to purchase less than an acre of land from Petroleum Fuel and Terminal Company prior to condemning it, according to the Fifth District Appellate Court.

Madison County property owners can pay taxes online

To the Editor:

Crowder denies motion to dismiss defendant in errant bullet suit; Plaintiff claims he was shot in face by Mosin Nagant rifle from a mile away

Madison County Circuit Judge Barbara Crowder has denied a defense motion to dismiss a Bethalto man’s suit alleging he was shot in the face with an errant bullet fired from a field a mile away.

East Alton Wood River again files motion to dismiss 'Town Ball injury case


Seventh Circuit rescinds Herndon's 'deeply troubling' sanction in Pradaxa MDL; dissent says it was "superbly tailored"


PT's dancers file class action seeking unpaid wages


Doctor/lawyer Marrese files suit over auto accident

An Edwardsville orthopedic surgeon and licensed attorney is suing after sustaining injury in a car collision.

Jury selection taking place in Wild Duck Saloon suit


Legal malpractice trial involving asbestos settlement continued


Davis leads fund-raising in 13th Congressional District

Herman Cain and Erika Harold

Federal judge calls out Prenda and Duffy for lying in defamation case


Brad Lakin and Lakin Law dismissed from Doe assault suit

Brad Lakin

Supplier to late judge Christ sentenced to eight months in prison


Another mortgage recording fee rejected at Seventh Circuit; St. Clair County case pending in Lopinot's court


Infantilizing the citizens of Illinois

Do you miss having someone to help you get dressed every morning, to wash and dry your clothes and lay them out on the bed for you in pleasing combinations? Someone to make you a hot breakfast and walk you to the bus stop? Someone to help you with your homework every evening and tuck you into bed at night? Someone to pick you up when you fall and kiss your boo-boos?

Stand up against Common Core

To the Editor:

Tell your legislators to create jobs, not lawsuits


Boy's finger partially amputated by bathroom door, lawsuit results