News from September 2011

Memorial service commemorating 10th anniversary of 9-11 set at Lewis & Clark

By The Madison County Record | Sep 1, 2011

North The Riverbend Memorial is sponsoring a service to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 attack at the World Trade Center.

Intoxicated driver caused Route 140 accident, suit claims

By Kelly Holleran | Sep 1, 2011

A woman has filed suit against the allegedly intoxicated driver who she claims struck her vehicle after failing to obey a red traffic light signal.

Dump truck driver caused Route 3 accident, suit says

By Kelly Holleran | Sep 1, 2011

A Madison County man claims he sustained injuries after a dump truck driver collided into the rear of his vehicle.

Passenger sues driver after slamming into pole in middle of parking lot

By Kelly Holleran | Sep 1, 2011

A woman claims she sustained multiple injuries after a driver allegedly left the road and slammed into a pole in the middle of a parking lot.

Local attorneys participating in September food drive

By The Madison County Record | Sep 1, 2011

Area residents are encouraged to participate in a month-long food drive being sponsored by the Madison County Bar Association aimed at eliminating the shortage at local food pantries.

Motion to compel seeks answers to interrogatories in legal malpractice case

By Ann Knef | Sep 1, 2011

Dripps A Collinsville attorney facing a legal malpractice suit is asking Madison County Circuit Judge Dennis Ruth to compel the plaintiff to answer interrogatories and requests for production.

Case management order sets out deadlines in Sara Buske legal malpractice case

By Ann Knef | Sep 1, 2011

Beasley Another case management conference is set next year in a Madison County legal malpractice case brought by Sara Buske against the Springfield law firm of Feldman, Wasser, Draper & Cox.

Class action battle between Burke and Lakin settled at Fifth District

By Steve Korris | Sep 1, 2011

Burke MOUNT VERNON – Five years after Richard Burke left the Lakin Law Firm, he lost a battle he started with former employer Brad Lakin.

Time to pass lawsuit reforms and reduce job loss in Illinois

By Travis Akin | Sep 1, 2011

Akin July was a brutal month for the state of Illinois as the unemployment rate jumped from 9.1 percent in June to a whopping 9.5 percent in July.

Levaquin suits pile up in St. Clair County

By Kelly Holleran | Sep 1, 2011

More plaintiffs have added complaints to the growing list of lawsuits in St. Clair County against Johnson and Johnson, Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical and Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development over an antibiotic that they say caused them severe tendon problems.

Jensen's foreclosure ruling for Deutsche Bank reversed at Fifth District

By Steve Korris | Sep 2, 2011

Donovan MOUNT VERNON – Madison County Associate Judge Keith Jensen improperly allowed Deutsche Bank to mount a late defense against a foreclosure, Fifth District appellate judges ruled on Aug. 30.

3rd Judicial Circuit's Park to Park for Peace walk set Sept. 10

By The Madison County Record | Sep 2, 2011

The Third Judicial Circuit Family Violence Prevention Council is coordinating the 8th annual Walk Against Violence in Alton on Saturday, Sept. 10, beginning at 11 a.m.

Contegra sues Energy Ventures One over unpaid promissory note

By Kelly Holleran | Sep 2, 2011

A Nevada corporation has failed to pay more than $100,000 worth of debt, according to recently filed court documents.

'Hole-y' church sued over woman's broken leg

By Kelly Holleran | Sep 2, 2011

A Granite City woman claims she broke her leg in a concealed hole outside a church.

Wendler seeks to enforce settlement of case that hasn't settled

By Steve Korris | Sep 2, 2011

Carpenter Attorney Brian Wendler of Edwardsville seeks to enforce settlement of a case he hasn't settled.

Bank says foreclosed owners intentionally wrecked house

By Kelly Holleran | Sep 2, 2011

A bank claims a couple intentionally disconnected a sump pump and left open basement windows after their Edwardsville home was foreclosed on.

Moehle Construction sues insurer claiming it failed to obtain sufficient coverage

By Kelly Holleran | Sep 2, 2011

The owner of a Clinton County construction company alleges he lost more than $200,000 after he claims his insurer failed to procure proper coverage for him.

More groups sue Bayer over Yaz and Yasmin birth control

By Kelly Holleran | Sep 2, 2011

An additional four groups of people from across the country have filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers of the birth control pill Yasmin and Yaz in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

Mudge cuts LakinChapman fee in Pekin Insurance settlement

By Steve Korris | Sep 2, 2011

Mudge Madison County Circuit Judge William Mudge reduced the LakinChapman firm's fee in a class action settlement from $200,000 to $166,666.

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