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The 7th Amendment is the original 'victims' rights amendment'


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Bill gives companies blank check to violate privacy; Urge Congress to reject CISPA


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Capping gun rights and jury rights equally wrong


Obamacare Victory Could Boost Federal Medmal Limits Efforts

Cochran "If this law is upheld as constitutional by the Supreme Court, then there's virtually nothing that's beyond Congress's reach, and I think that would be a horrible, horrible precedent for the country."

Influential Catholic, Christian Groups Support Obamacare Lawsuits

Cochran The 43 Catholic dioceses, organizations and universities that sued the Obama administration on May 21 invoked their 7th Amendment rights and demanded that local juries hear the suits, not judges. It would be better if push doesn't come to shove, but if it does, the nation will see why the Founding Fathers were unanimous in including this "sacred" and "inviolable" right in the Bill of Rights.

Mitt Romney Pledges to Protect States' Rights In Health Care Policies

Cochran "What I would do is keep, as we have today, state responsibility for those that are uninsured. You see I believe in the 10th Amendment. I believe the states have responsibility to care for their people in the way they feel best." -Mitt Romney

What Do Gay Marriage, Obamacare & Federal Tort Reform Have in Common?

Cochran Two things, actually.

Stopping Universities From Stepping on Students' God-Given Rights

A hyper-Political Correctness movement is running rampant on our public universities, with taxpayer-funded university bureaucrats and teachers trying to crush the First Amendment rights of students to openly express their faith and conservative political views.

Obamacare and federal tort reform, perfect together

Cochran There is ONE bill in the U.S. Senate that takes $1.8 billion of Iran's funds stored in a U.S. account and reserves them to compensate Iran's American terrorism victims.

The Past & Future Alliance Between Pro-Lifers & Trial Lawyers

Cochran The history of the soft alliance between trial lawyers and pro-lifers has never been given the attention it deserves by pro-life Republicans.

Seven Reasons Why Protecting 7th Amendment Should Be Republican & Tea Party Priority

Cochran In various posts since the inception of the 7th Amendment Advocate website, I've addressed the relevance of the right to have a civil suit heard before a jury in the context of individual issues of importance to Tea Partiers, Constitutional conservatives and Republicans.

Supreme Court again expands use of forced arbitration clauses

Cochran Unfortunately, the Supreme Court has taken another opportunity to expand the use of forced arbitration clauses in consumer contracts, denying us the right to negotiate such clauses out and take our claims to a jury.

Paying for "Doc Fix" the Constitutional way

Cochran The Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) is the method enacted in 1997 to control spending by Medicare on physician services, and ensure that the yearly increase in the expense per Medicare beneficiary does not exceed the growth in GDP.

Letter to 'Super Committee' Opposing Federal Tort Reform Proposals

Cochran I've delivered a nine-page letter to the office of each of the 12 members of Congress who sit on the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, known as the "Super Committee" or "supercommittee."

Conservative Trial Lawyers Sue to Save Home Bible Study & Property Rights

I constantly remind Republicans and Tea Partiers that the same civil justice system used by trial lawyers to file medical malpractice and product liability cases is also utilized by conservative trial lawyers to file civil suits to protect property rights, religious liberty, gun owners' rights, and parental rights from government at all levels.

Ron Paul vs. Club for Growth on tort reform

Cochran The Club for Growth's disdain for Constitutional limits on federal power is closer to the views of the pro-ObamaCare crowd than it is to the Founding Fathers or the Tea Party movement's views.