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Wrong guy, wrong place, wrong time

Hopkins If Rev. Paprocki views have been properly reported - his silence presumed as confirmation - then a new selection for Bishop must be made.

The rules apply, even to Laurie Piechur

A batter might dispute whether the last pitch was a strike or not, but he won't argue to get four strikes instead of three.

If Carr is to be sanctioned, so should Tillery

To the Editor:

Jackpot justice is no joke

Akin It is amazing listening to personal injury lawyers who say with a straight face that never in their lives have they seen a "frivolous lawsuit."

26 new asbestos cases filed April 5-9

Browder A total of 26 new asbestos complaints were filed in Madison County Circuit Court throughout the week of April 5 through April 9.

Madison County's bar turns out to honor one another, Law Day

While students from the Highland school district gathered for the mock trials traditionally marking Law Day, the members of the Madison County Bar Association celebrated in their own way – by honoring their own.

Jury finds for doctor in Belleville medical malpractice suit

A jury deliberated nearly five hours Friday before finding in favor of the emergency room doctor who was sued over the death of a child in 2000.

Spectator attorney asks judge to dismiss Venezia wrongful death case

Young Belleville attorney Timothy Wiltsie asked St. Clair County Circuit Judge Patrick Young to dismiss a wrongful death suit against the estate of Thomas Venezia and Robert Staack on Monday, for lack of prosecution.

East St. Louis accident causes injuries, suit claims

A man claims he sustained injuries after a driver failed to yield at a stop sign and struck him.

Driver sues over North Belt West accident

A man has filed suit against the driver who he claims attempted to turn left in front of him and struck him.

Truck driver's inexperience contributed to accident, suit claims

A driver claims he sustained severe and permanent injuries after a wheel detached from the back of a tractor-trailer and collided with the front end of his vehicle.

Hearing set in weight loss surgery suit against St. Clair County

A hearing is set Wednesday in a suit against St. Clair County brought by a woman who claims it failed to pay for her weight loss surgery.

Intoxicated driver failed to remain in lane of travel, suit claims

A woman has filed suit against the allegedly intoxicated driver who failed to remain in his lane of travel and struck the vehicle in which she was riding.

Pedestrian claims driver backed into him in Belleville parking lot

A pedestrian claims he sustained severe and permanent injuries after a driver backed into him as he walked through a parking lot.

Homeowners blamed for underage party, knocked out tooth

A St. Clair County man has filed suit against a couple who he says hosted a party and an underage party goer who allegedly knocked out the man's front tooth.

Crowder sets motion day in atrazine suits

Crowder Madison County Circuit Judge Barbara Crowder will hear pending motions in a series of proposed class actions stemming from alleged water contamination by a common weed-killer.

Rosewood appeal stayed until attorney's fees resolved

Hylla An Edwardsville nursing home's appeal of a nearly $150,000 verdict entered against it last year is on hold.

Mayors: Nebraska Furniture Mart would get $100 million subsidy

To the Editor:

5/10 - 5/14/2010

Monday, May 10

Trucking company sued over unpaid loan

A leasing corporation claims a trucking company owes it more than $70,000 for money it borrowed to purchase a piece of construction equipment.