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Illinois by the numbers: 6,963

Do you ever get the feeling that every time you turn around in Illinois some government official is grabbing you by the shirt collar and demanding your lunch money?

60 Days to Answer, 'Why?'


Thanks to heroes you don’t know Illinois became a bit more civilized


The Defining Question for the ILGOP in ’14: Why Do You Do What You Do?


Loving politicians is a losing proposition


The Death of Work and Education in Illinois


Poetic Justice for Rahm

Proft First Keith Olbermann was taken off the air and now Rahm Emanuel has been taken off the ballot. It has been like an infusion of vegetables into the diet of a body politic suffering from left-wing induced acidosis.

Illinois: Death by Taxes

During the Illinois General Assembly's lame duck session, Democrat leaders have moved to abolish the death penalty at the same time as signing the economic death warrant for state's economy.

America Held Hostage

Why am I always the last to know?

Message from Springfield: We Heard You Loud and Clear, Illinois

Proft You wanted tax relief.

Unions' Preferred Rating for Teachers: NR

Proft Amid the contentious debate as to how we improve public education in America, there is one reality to which all parties subscribe: there is no substitute for a quality teacher in the classroom.

Answers for ILGOP Start with Asking the Right Question

I recently attended a speech by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in which he inadvertently provided some advice for the Illinois Republican Party.

My nominee for Pay Czar: David Stern

Proft I do not think government functionaries should set private sector salaries or that U.S. policymakers should be adorned with the appellation properly reserved for Russian autocrats.

Obama & Rahm set the record straight

Proft In two recent revealing interviews, we learned that President Obama and his tiny dancer who would be Chicago Mayor are challenged by the same marketing problem: the public's perception of them belies who they really are.

Obama failed the 'Education Nation' test

Proft NBC dedicated a week of programming at the end of September to spotlighting the good, the bad, and the ugly of K-12 education in America under the rubric "Education Nation."

Tea Party transformation

Proft Those on the receiving end of the tea party movement this election cycle are hopeful it is but a fleeting temper tantrum.

Ground Zero & Gettysburg: Legality vs. Morality

One of the externalities resulting from the overregulation of human conduct is that our debates over the propriety of a questionable act center solely around whether it is legal.

Adam antics won't change Blago's fate

Proft Whatever the failures of prosecutors in the first trial and whatever the cost to be incurred for the second trial, justice demands Blagojevich be re-tried.

Channeling Texas

Proft Like most Americans, I recently spent a quiet Saturday evening pouring over the state-by-state nonfarm payroll employment numbers for the month of June generously provided by the gnomes at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The trial of Illinois politicians we should be having

Proft Illinoisans are getting a real education in what happens when politicians flout the laws.