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Son perished in fire, suit claims

Jesse Rodriguez has filed a complaint on behalf of his son, Caiu Rodriguez, against Darrin and Melissa Agne, alleging Caiu perished in a fire in an apartment building the Agnes owned.

Waste Management sued over traffic accident

Deanna Griggs has filed suit against Waste Management of Missouri, Inc., and an employee of the company, alleging a driver caused her to collide with another vehicle.

Son files asbestos suit on deceased father's behalf

Steven Dux has filed an asbestos suit on behalf of his deceased father against 13 defendant corporations, claiming the mesothelioma with which his father was diagnosed was wrongfully caused.

Porter's customer claims injuries from fall on 'slipping hazard'

Laurie Ankarlo has filed a suit against three defendants doing business as Collinsville Holiday Inn, alleging she fell and was injured at Porter's Restaurant.

Nursing home resident claims injuries during wheelchair transfer

Teri Neighbors has filed a suit on behalf of Eldridge H. Tyberendt against University Nursing and Rehab Center, alleging an employee injured Tyberendt while transferring her to a wheelchair.

Sam's Club and Wal-Mart sued over woman's injuries from office chair

Deborah LoDuca is suing Wal-Mart and Sam's Club for injuries she allegedly sustained while attempting to sit on an office chair that had been displayed at an O'Fallon store.

Jani-King partnership in court

Phil and Claire Gallo have filed a lawsuit against Joe Zmaila and Kathleen Zmaila, alleging breach of contract and conversion.

O'Fallon man sued for I-64 crash

Jeffrey Maher of O'Fallon is being sued by three plaintiffs who say he caused a car crash on eastbound Interstate 64

Best Way sues over truck damage from low power lines

The Best Way Foundation is suing over damage allegedly sustained by one of its trucks by dangerously low lines over 17th Street.

Assets withheld from mom's, grandma's estate, suit claims

Jayme Brown, John Negreti and Chad Mosier have filed suit against Greg Briner, alleging they have not received money and items due them from a trust.

Granite City crash subject of suit

Brenda J. Whitaker has filed a suit against Michael H. Wallace, alleging she sustained injuries in a collision.

Mesothelioma caused husband's death, suit claims

An Illinois woman has filed an asbestos suit on behalf of her deceased husband against 73 defendant corporations, claiming the mesothelioma with which he was diagnosed was wrongfully caused.

Church sued after woman's walk on water

Jeannette R. Strieter has filed suit against Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, claiming she injured herself after she slipped on spilled water.

Emergency worker struck during assist files suit

Douglas J. Streubel has filed suit against James L. Dodd, Sr., James L. Dodd, Jr., and State Farm Insurance, alleging he was injured when a vehicle driven by James L. Dodd, Jr., hit him.

Judge continues Lakin hearing until Sept. 10

Lakin (left) and Rosenblum U.S. District Judge J. Phil Gilbert has continued a plea hearing in Tom Lakin's criminal case until 10 a.m. on Sept. 10 in East St. Louis.

Rosewood Care re-trial to resume

Rosewood Care Center of Edwardsville A medical malpractice case against Rosewood Care Center that resulted in a mistrial last June is slated to begin again at 9 a.m. on Sept. 8.

Carthage accident results in Madison County suit

A Madison county man has filed suit against a Hancock County man, alleging he was damaged after a side collision.

Dram shop suit seeks $200k in damages

John Littlefield and Stacy Miller have filed suit against Cecelia Krone and Top Shooter's, Inc., alleging Littlefield was damaged in an accident while he was a passenger in Krone's vehicle.

City worker sues Madison and mayor after termination

A city worker has filed a wrongful termination complaint against the City of Madison and John Hamm III, claiming he was fired after a relationship with his co-worker deteriorated and for exercising his right to claim worker's compensation.

Madison street worker claims retaliatory discharge

A street department worker and humane officer has filed a wrongful termination complaint against the City of Madison and John Hamm III, claiming he was fired for exercising his right to claim worker's compensation and was not offered light work after his injury.