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Rethinking Jay Hoffman

He shouldn't be, but Rep. Jay Hoffman (D-Collinsville) remains the favorite to win re-election on Tuesday.

Belleville auto accident victim sues

A Marissa woman and the parents of her grandson have filed suit against a Belleville woman, alleging they were injured after a collision.

Trackman's estate sues Alton and Southern Railway for workplace fatality

The executrix of the estate of a former Alton and Southern Railway Company employee has filed suit against the company, alleging the employee was killed while cutting ties for the railroad.

Neighbor sues for access to property

Woodford and Sandra Martin have filed suit against their neighbor, claiming she has denied them access to a road that leads to their property.

Suit claims insurer didn't pay uninsured motorist coverage

Shameka and Danny Edward Singleton have filed a complaint individually and on behalf of a minor, Keisha Cotton, against Eugenia M. Durbin and American International South Insurance Company, claiming all three were seriously injured after an accident and that their insurance company would not pay for their medical expenses.

Bike rider sues Grand Prix driver for injuries

A St. Clair County man has filed suit against a St. Clair County woman, claiming he was seriously injured after he was struck by a car while riding on his bike.

Apocalypse Now

Hopkins Like Kurtz, Obama has now assumed mythical status, propelled by innate charisma that masks a socialistic ambition, stroked by the hope of a "not in my lifetime" occurrence happening before the eyes of the skeptical Nation, fueled by elements of white guilt and relentlessly promoted by a media having abandoned all pretense of objectivity, he stands ready to claim his prize.

Railroad worker claims carpal tunnel syndrome

A former BNSF Railway Company employee has filed suit against the railroad, claiming he developed bilateral carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve syndrome.

Illinois Central trackman claims left shoulder injuries

A former Illinois Central Railroad Company employee has filed suit against the railroad, claiming he developed long-term cumulative trauma resulting in injuries to his left shoulder.

Railroad conductor claims tarsal tunnel syndrome

A former Illinois Central Railroad Company employee has filed suit against the railroad, claiming he developed bilateral lower extremity tarsal tunnel syndrome because of his work as a conductor.

Kay confident going into election

Kay Having walked precincts the entire pre-election weekend, state representative candidate Dwight Kay of Glen Carbon said he feels good going into tomorrow's election.

Home not structurally sound, new owners say

A Dupo couple has filed suit against the company and its owners who built their house, claiming it is not structurally sound and the builders have failed to repair it, despite a warranty.

Breast implant ruptured, woman claims in suit

An Illinois woman has filed a suit against Mentor Corporation, claiming a breast replacement the company manufactured ruptured.

AG Madigan dispatches election observers

Madigan Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan said Monday that 166 teams of investigators will monitor today's general election.

78-year-old claims he was duped by Internet start-up

A 78-year-old man has filed suit against an Internet company, alleging the company failed to start an Internet business after he paid them more than $30,000.

Severe injuries claimed in auto accident suit

Tracie A. Grzywacz has filed suit against Kristen L. Ochs, alleging her neck, head, body and spine were injured after a collision.

Wisconsin man claims mesothelioma in suit

A Wisconsin man recently diagnosed with mesothelioma has filed an asbestos suit against 39 defendant corporations, claiming the disease was wrongfully caused.

Stalled vehicle led to accident, suit claims

Lawrence P. Branam has filed suit against Calvin Hutson and William K. Knoche, alleging he collided with Knoche's vehicle after Hutson stalled in the left-hand lane of the interstate.

Granite City auto accident leads to suit

Rayson L. Barnes has filed suit against Sondra Huber, claiming his right shoulder, left hand, left elbow and back were injured after a collision.

Turnout at or more than 50 percent in some Metro-East precincts

Poll watchers in Madison County precincts say voter turnout is "very high," as much as or more than 50 percent in some areas.