News from July 2008

New Athens farmer claims buyer breached genetic pig contract

By Ann Knef | Jul 1, 2008

A New Athens genetic pig farm is suing a Minnesota corporation for refusing to honor a Weaner Pig Purchase Agreement.

Oz, Big Daddy's, Pop's named in dram shop suit

By Ann Knef | Jul 1, 2008

A 55-count dram shop lawsuit was filed by a St. Clair County woman and her four adult children over an auto accident that occurred last year in Smithton.

Payless customer claims injuries from falling shoe boxes

By Ann Knef | Jul 2, 2008

Payless ShoeSource is being sued by a woman who has suffered disability after boxes of shoes fell from a shelf at a Belleville store and hit her in the back and shoulder.

Defective ladder causes severe injuries, suit claims

By Ann Knef | Jul 2, 2008

Ladder manufacturer Werner Co. of Delaware is being sued by a Monroe County man who claims serious injuries after falling at a neighbor's home while helping construct a metal shed.

Asbestos caused lung injury, says Illinois Central trackman

By Ann Knef | Jul 2, 2008

A 44-year-long Illinois Central Railroad trackman has filed a Federal Employers' Liability Act suit claiming lung injuries due to asbestos exposure on the job.

Estate sues over I-44 rear-end collision, fatality in Franklin County, Mo

By Ann Knef | Jul 2, 2008

M&D Freight, Inc. and its driver Ambers Leon Fisher of Kankakee County are being sued by the estate of a woman who perished in a rear-end tractor trailer accident last year on westbound I-44 in Franklin County, Mo.

Wrongful death: Cops failed to treat detainee who overdosed

By Ann Knef | Jul 2, 2008

An East St. Louis man's death while incarcerated at the city jail is the subject of a wrongful death complaint filed June 25 in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

Village of Hartford gets involved in pollution litigation

By Steve Korris | Jul 2, 2008

Stack Trustees of the village of Hartford have moved to intervene in class action litigation over pollution from an underground pool of petroleum.

No punitives allowed in Cottrell personal injury, judge rules

By Steve Korris | Jul 2, 2008

Hylla Madison County Circuit Judge Dave Hylla will not allow trucker Michael Mandeville to claim punitive damages from the company that built the trailer he hauled.

Chicago attorney charged with sexual assault in Madison County

By Steve Gonzalez | Jul 2, 2008

Huon (Madison County Jail) A Chicago attorney who was posing as a supervisor for a company that sets up promotions for alcohol sales at area bars was charged in Madison County July 2, with two counts of criminal sexual assault, two counts of criminal sexual abuse and one count of unlawful restraint.

Religious TV network worker claims employer violated ADA

By Steve Gonzalez | Jul 3, 2008

A former television director with TCT Television Network filed suit against the network in federal court alleging TCT violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) when it fired him.

Van Kampen appeals Byron's dismissal denial

By Steve Korris | Jul 3, 2008

Byron Van Kampen Investment Advisory Corporation has asked Madison County Circuit Judge Nicholas Byron to seek appellate review of a May 20 order that denied the mutual fund's motion to dismiss a class action suit.

Casino Queen customer injured while cashing in files personal injury suit

By Ann Knef | Jul 3, 2008

Casino Queen customer Melvin Burton is seeking in excess of $50,000 in damages after he slipped and fell on water at 1 a.m. on June 1 while waiting to cash in his receipts.

Lakin scheduled to appear in court July 31

By Steve Gonzalez | Jul 3, 2008

Tom Lakin (left) and his attorney Scott Rosenblum BENTON-U.S. District Judge J. Phil Gilbert wants Tom Lakin to appear in his courtroom at 10 a.m. on July 31.

Alton & Southern worker claims back injuries after backhoe tips

By Ann Knef | Jul 3, 2008

Alton & Southern Railway machine operator Curtis Graham claims back injuries after a backhoe he was operating to remove snow from a parking lot in East St. Louis turned on its side.

Courage, faith and the true Spirit of '76

By John J. Hopkins | Jul 3, 2008

John J. Hopkins With barely 50 percent of the colonists supporting independence, if we had then what we have now for leaders, there would have been no revolution, no signing in Philadelphia, no pledge of "Lives, Fortunes and Sacred Honor," and the 4th of July would be but another summer day for the British subjects in America.

Republican corrections worker claims Democrat officials violate his rights

By Steve Gonzalez | Jul 3, 2008

Sen. Forby An Illinois Department of Corrections employee who claims to be a Republican filed a federal lawsuit against Illinois State Sen. Gary Forby (D-Benton), State Rep. Brandon Phelps (D-Harrisburg), the Big Muddy River Correctional Facility warden and assistant warden alleging they violated his First Amendment constitutional rights.

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