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Legal experts differ on Mo. governor's Daubert veto; Business leader says it leaves negative mark on state

By Hanna Nakano | Jul 14, 2016

Though 46 states follow either the Daubert or the Frye standard when assessing admissibility of expert witnesses, Missouri – along with Nevada, North Dakota and Virginia – have neither.

County using loophole to keep excess tax dollars, according to Treasurer

By Hanna Nakano | Dec 16, 2015

For years, the Madison County Board has been stockpiling excess tax dollars instead of returning the funds to taxpayers, according to County Treasurer Kurt Prenzler.

Andy Economy resigns from Board of Commissioners amid scandal

By Hanna Nakano | Nov 19, 2015

Hours before the Nov. 18 meeting in which the Madison County Board was to vote on Andy Economy’s removal as president of the Board of Commissioners of the Metro East Sanitary District, Economy resigned.

Court user survey measures perceptions of Illinois court system; Overall results were positive, summary says

By Hanna Nakano | Nov 13, 2015

The user survey was designed to give the Strategic Planning Committee of the Supreme Court a baseline of user experience, according to Illinois Fourth District Appellate Justice M. Carol Pope, to see where the state court systems stood – and where they could be improved.

EEOC boasts of victory in $243K jury verdict awarded to Somalian-American Muslims; Truckers had been fired for refusing to transport alcohol

By Hanna Nakano | Nov 12, 2015

A trucking company has been ordered to pay $243,000 to two Somalian-American Muslims who were fired for refusing to ship alcohol, because it went against their religious beliefs.

More than 1,600 new lawyers take oath in Illinois; Uncertain job market awaits

By Hanna Nakano | Nov 5, 2015

“The fact of the matter is, the employment rate nationwide for the class of 2014 ten months after graduation was 86.7 percent,” Mike Ruiz, dean of career services at Southern Illinois University School of Law, told the Madison County Record.

Dunstan says he will ask for review of boards and commissions in wake of MESD questions

By Hanna Nakano | Nov 3, 2015

Dunstan said he would request a review by a County Board Committee of all policies and procedures used by board and commissions in different areas of Madison County.

Rep. Davis introduces bill to help repay student loan debt

By Hanna Nakano | Nov 3, 2015

A bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives aims to help pay back student loan debt by allowing employees to repay their student loans with pre-tax dollars.

Prenzler calls for investigation into Andy Economy's business with MESD

By Hanna Nakano | Oct 30, 2015

A public official is calling for an investigation of Andy Economy, Metro East Sanitary District’s president of the Board of Commissioners, to determine if his car repair business is improperly profiting from the sanitary district.

Board president's business profits when district-owned vehicles need repair

By Hanna Nakano | Oct 28, 2015

A local public official says it’s okay that his business is making money through insurance claims turned in by local government officials, because it’s insurance money, not out of the pockets of taxpayers. 

Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch calls Nader's Tort Museum frivolous

By Hanna Nakano | Oct 23, 2015

Created by Ralph Nader and built in his hometown of Winsted, Ct., the American Museum of Tort Law is a shrine to the law of personal injury.

Illinois Policy Action highlights issue of term limiting state lawmakers; State senator says he 'self term limits'

By Hanna Nakano | Oct 21, 2015

Citizens interested in learning more about how term-limit policy could change the political landscape in Illinois can observe debates and discussions via the Illinois Policy Action, the lobbying arm of the Illinois Policy Institute. 

Celebration planned for Madison County Courthouse's 100th anniversary

By Hanna Nakano | Oct 15, 2015

The Madison County Courthouse is preparing to commemorate its 100th anniversary much in the way it was opened – with lots of pomp, and a celebration that opens its doors to the public.

Republican lawmaker speaks out against automatic voter registration bill

By Hanna Nakano | Oct 15, 2015

Republican State Senator Kyle McCarter told the Madison County Record he worries this bill, as drafted, would lead to voter fraud.

Haine blames China, unfair trade for loss of manufacturing jobs

By Hanna Nakano | Oct 14, 2015

One Illinois lawmaker is blaming China for the state's massive job loss in the manufacturing sector.

Family Violence Councils in Madison, St. Clair counties work to stop domestic violence

By Hanna Nakano | Oct 8, 2015

Three women are killed every day as the result of domestic violence, according to the National Resource Center on Domestic violence. Family Violence Councils in Illinois are working to stop that cycle of abuse.

McCarter announces bid for Congress; Will take on Shimkus in GOP primary

By Hanna Nakano | Oct 7, 2015

McCarter spoke to the Madison-St. Clair Record after making the announcement, saying he has the energy and ideas to bring some good to Washington. “We all know that Washington’s broke,” McCarter said. “Unfortunately the representative in this district has become part of the problem, so I’m stepping up.”

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