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7th Circuit grants injunction in Affordable Care Act lawsuit


Greenville woman sues over assault at Pierron bar

Judge Ruth

Cosmetics saleswoman sues Dillard's over alleged verbal assault and detention

A cosmetics saleswoman says she was verbally assaulted and detained without cause by employees of a Fairveiw Heights department store.

Lotawata Creek sued by woman who claims she tripped over mats


Mop and Bucket cleaner claims she was fired for complaining about compensation

A Cahokia woman says she was fired from her cleaning job after she complained to her supervisor about improper compensation.

Republicans snatch defeat from jaws of victory

To the Editor:

Bank claims appraiser inflated home estimate

66 Sunset Hills Drive, Edwardsville

Supreme Court appoints Belleville attorney vice chair of the ARDC


Merck sued over Fosamax in St. Clair County


Slip and fall at St. Elizabeth's leads to suit

A Belleville hospital is accused of negligence for allowing ice to form on a parking lot, allegedly causing a man to slip and fall.   

South Roxana refinery worker claims he was victim of racial harassment

An employee of a South Roxana oil refinery says for more than a decade he was the victim of racial harassment and a hostile work environment.

Gateway Regional surgeon accused of not properly treating hematoma


Memorial Hospital named in slip and fall suit

A woman has suffered severe injuries after she fell on a sidewalk outside Memorial Hospital in Belleville, according to a recently filed lawsuit.

Alorton Pilot sued by woman who claims customer hit her head with blunt object


ESL demolition workers sue city officials over retaliation for reporting harassment

Two former East St. Louis demolition department workers claim various city officials spread rumors about them, which cost them their jobs, in retaliation for their reports of sexual harassment.

Altered receipt misled court into believing plaintiff owed more than $200K, suit says


Fifth District reverses Matoesian's order granting new trial over 'jackpot justice' comment


Lopinot dismisses case against Pasta House

Vincent Lopinot

Benzene suit claims exposure led to man's death

Mark Goldenberg

Swansea Rehab employee says she lost job after filing work comp claim

A woman claims she lost her job after she attempted to file for workers’ compensation benefits.