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Maryville rear-end accident is subject of suit

A woman has filed suit against the driver who she says rear-ended her after failing to stop behind her at a red light.

Man merely standing in street sues police for jabbing him with baton

A man has filed suit against the Madison police officer who he says jabbed him in the stomach with a baton merely because the man was standing in the middle of the street.

Tillery could add more sanitation districts to atrazine suits

Tillery Class action attorney Stephen Tillery said that up to 100 more Illinois sanitation districts could be interested in joining his six Madison County class action atrazine lawsuits.

Collinsville rear-end accident is subject of suit

A woman is seeking more than $50,000 from the driver who she says rear-ended her.

East Alton home has defects, owner says in suit

An East Alton woman has filed suit against the couple who sold her the home in which she now resides, alleging they failed to disclose pertinent information about leaks and sewer problems.

Jones sues woman over broken real estate contract

Ricki L. Jones is suing a woman who purchased real estate from him, alleging the purchaser failed to uphold her end of the bargain.

Ruth to hear motions Thursday in Granite City falling accident

Madison County Circuit Judge Dennis Ruth will hear motions in a personal injury suit of a man who claims he was injured when he fell at a Granite City steel company's facility.

Buske says giving money back to S.C. Johnson would leave him penniless

Wisconsin jurors found that Edwardsville trucking company owner Tom Buske stole millions from household products maker S.C. Johnson, but he pleads that he shouldn't have to give the money back because it would leave his family penniless.

Courthouse getting tech updates this month

Workmen will soon replace attorneys and judges in Madison County's courtrooms as five civil and two felony courtrooms get technical upgrades that officials say will improve case presentations.

Business should not bow to 'frivolous' lawsuits and plaintiff attorneys, class objector says

Lakin NEWARK, N.J. – Two Sprint cellular telephone customers disagree about Sprint's early termination fee but agree that a pending class action settlement won't do them any good.

Madison County officials call on governor for help in Probation layoffs

Massive layoffs in Madison County's Probation and Court Services Department will compromise public safety and be "extraordinarily injurious to the local court system," said Third Circuit Chief Judge Ann Callis.

Woman seeks repayment of $150k promissory note

A woman says a St. Clair County man owes her $150,000 after he failed to make payments on his promissory note.

Roller rink sued by skater whose wheel came off

A Belleville woman claims she broke her left ankle while roller skating after the wheel of her skate broke off.

9/7 - 9/11/09

Wednesday, September 9

Crowder finds settlement in good faith in complex negligence suit

Crowder A settlement that left attorneys for one of the parties in a complex negligence and wrongful death suit scrambling, can go forward.

Motion 9/9 & 9/11/09

Wednesday, September 9

Herndon tosses Cueto's suit against Haida, public officials

Herndon EAST ST. LOUIS – U.S. District Judge David Herndon has dismissed a $90 million suit that disbarred lawyer Amiel Cueto of Belleville filed against three men he accused of framing him and causing him to lose his law license.

Intoxication blamed in pool room attack

A man who says he was attacked at a bar has filed suit against his attacker and the bar who served alcohol to him.

Green Mount Road accident is subject of suit

A St. Clair County woman says she suffered severe and permanent injuries after a driver rear-ended her.

Failure to stop at red light caused accident, plaintiff claims

A St. Clair County woman has filed suit against the driver who she says failed to stop for a red light.