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Early 'victory' in cards for 37 judicial candidates

More than 35 candidates for judge in Illinois will be "elected" on Tuesday, February 5, nine months before the 2008 General Election.

Chipping away

Silicon Valley's Intel Corp. invented a series of microprocessors that have accelerated the power of computing to a level once unimaginable, forever changing the world as we know it for the far better.

Jet skier sues man with large boat for slinging beer bottle

A jet skier who got bopped in the head with a beer bottle is suing the man who allegedly threw it at him on the Kaskaskia River last year.

Wal-Mart sued after dog food on floor causes woman's injuries

A Murphysboro Wal-Mart customer who fell at the store two years ago claims the store is negligent for failing to remove dog food on its floor.

Med mal suit aimed at ortho surgeon and medical practice

John B. Wood, M.D. and Southern Orthopedic Associates are being sued by Laura Schoon who claims her sciatic nerve was damaged during hip replacement surgery Nov. 29, 2005.

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Applebee's to get curb service in customer's injury suit

Applebee's customer Hazel Baker claims she will be disabled for the remainder of her life because she tripped over a curb in an area of the parking lot where bushes were overgrown and lighting was poor.

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Lawn care professional sues maker of commercial mower for burns

The owner of a commercial lawn care business in Cahokia claims the gas line on his Scag Turf Tiger lawn mower came unattached while in use causing him, the mower and its surroundings to catch on fire.

Mascoutah passes legal reform resolution

Gerald Daugherty MASCOUTAH -– A coalition of Illinois legal reform advocates, including the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, Illinois Civil Justice League and Illinois Chamber of Commerce, today lauded the Mascoutah City Council for passing a resolution calling on the Illinois legislature to pass meaningful lawsuit reform.

Walgreen sued for giving customer wrong dosage

A woman who purchased a prescription from the Jerseyville Walgreen filed suit in Madison County Circuit Court Nov. 28, alleging she was given the wrong dosage.

Bah humbug? Guest sues Maryville couple for tripping on cord used in Christmas display

Matthew Donithan filed suit against a Maryville couple for tripping over a power cord they used to light an outdoor Christmas display.

Suit against Rosewood claims resident fell

Rosewood Care Center in Edwardsville The estate of a man who was a resident at Rosewood Care Center in Edwardsville filed a wrongful death suit claiming Rosewood failed to provide for the care and safety of its residents.

Unpaid note subject of suit

Michael Guide filed a breach of contract suit against Anthony Kemper and Kemper Brothers Enterprises in Madison County Circuit Court Nov. 30, claiming the defendants failed to pay a promissory note.

Waterpark employees failed to hold man's hand on ride, suit says

Splash City A man who claims that employees of a Collinsville water park failed to hold his hand while he got the feel of a ride is suing the operators of Splash City Family Waterpark for more than $50,000.

Traffic fatality after last year's ice storm prompts suit against Edwardsville and driver

The estate of Ann Gardiner filed a wrongful death suit against Larry Brock and the City of Edwardsville in Madison County Circuit Court Dec. 3 over a traffic accident that occurred after last year's widespread ice storm.

Tanker truck driver sues for slip on fuel

Bob Craig filed a personal injury suit against HWRT Oil Company in Madison County Circuit Court Nov. 30, claiming he was injured at the HWRT terminal in Norris City in Saline County.