News from August 2005

Seeking $50k, guest sues hosts for tripping in garage

By Steve Gonzalez | Aug 1, 2005

Suing your hosts for tripping in their cluttered garage is a sure way to test a friendship. A Belleville woman is doing just that.

Uneven sidewalk in Belleville subject of suit

By Steve Gonzalez | Aug 1, 2005

Belleville City Hall A Caseyville woman who claims she suffered severe and permanent injuries after tripping on an uneven portion of a sidewalk in Belleville is seeking damages in excess of $50,000.

Prairie Farms Dairy hit with retaliatory discharge suit

By Steve Gonzalez | Aug 1, 2005

Robert Schmiskie, Jr. filed suit against Prairie Farms Dairy (PFD) July 21, in St. Clair County Circuit Court alleging his former employer fired him after he collected benefits under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.

Belleville orthopedic surgeon abruptly retires

By Steve Gonzalez | Aug 1, 2005

A renowned Belleville orthopedic surgeon told his patients he is retiring from practice in an abrupt announcement July 29.

Banks sentenced to 30 years in jail for dealing cocaine

By Steve Gonzalez | Aug 1, 2005

Robert Banks, of Country Club Hills, was sentenced to 30 years in jail and 10 years supervised released for dealing cocaine and marijuana, according to Ronald J. Tenpas, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Illinois.

Owens and Castrol targeted by sick employee

By Steve Gonzalez | Aug 1, 2005

An employee of Owens Brockway Glass Container in Godfrey filed a 12-count, $600,000 suit against his employer and Castrol Inc. Aug. 1 in Madison County Circuit Court.

Alton Memorial and doctors named in MC suit

By Steve Gonzalez | Aug 1, 2005

Alton Memorial Hospital James and Alice Halloway of Godfrey filed a six-count medical malpractice suit against Alton Memorial Hospital, Midwest Radiological Associates and Samuel Essma, M.D. in Madison County Circuit Court seeking more than $300,000 in damages on Aug. 1.

Weld-rod cases knocking on Madison County's door

By Steve Gonzalez | Aug 2, 2005

Nearly two years ago, Larry Elam of Collinsville was awarded $1 million by a Madison County jury in the first-ever successfully litigated "weld-rod" case in the country. Since then, local attorneys have been knocking at the Circuit Court trying to receive judgments for their injured clients.

Tobacco settlement is challenged in Louisiana court

By Steve Gonzalez | Aug 2, 2005

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) on Tuesday filed a constitutional challenge to the 1998 tobacco settlement in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana on behalf of a distributor, two small tobacco manufacturers, a tobacco store and an individual smoker.

Brown & Crouppen attorney files another 14 cases against Vioxx, Bextra

By Steve Gonzalez | Aug 2, 2005

John Driscoll of Brown & Crouppen St. Louis personal injury firm Brown & Crouppen is well known for enticing potential clients through aggressive television advertising.

Class action suit claims hospital charged uninsured more

By Steve Gonzalez | Aug 2, 2005

Alton Memorial Uninsured hospital patient Robert Honke filed the 43rd class action lawsuit in Madison County Circuit Court this year claiming Alton Memorial Hospital (AMH) charged him more for services than for patients with health insurance.

Box strikes knee of woman playing slots, she sues for $50k+

By Steve Gonzalez | Aug 3, 2005

Casino Queen A woman playing a slot machine at the Casino Queen is seeking more than $50,000 from the East St. Louis casino because she was struck in the knee by an employee carrying a box.

After $140 billion is gone asbestos will come right back to state courts, say Democrats

By Steve Korris | Aug 3, 2005

Sen. Ted Kennedy Four Democrats on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee predict that if Congress creates a $140 billion trust fund to take asbestos cases out of dockets across the country, the money will run out quickly, sending cases right back to where they started--our clogged state courts.

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