News from April 2005

Q-Mart patron sues store for fall

By Ann Knef | Apr 19, 2005

Q-Mart Eve Pitts filed suit against Q-Mart Grocery in Cahokia alleging she sustained permanent neck and back injuries when an employee fell on her at the check out counter.

Chemical exposure is blamed for nervous system damage

By Ann Knef | Apr 19, 2005

Petra Industries In a complaint lodged against Applied Food Biotechnology, Innova and Griffith Laboratories, an employee of Petra Industries in Fairmount claims his central nervous system was damaged by chemical exposure.

Jury to deliberate verdict seeking more than $40 million from Ford

By Steve Gonzalez | Apr 19, 2005

Brad Lakin With more than $40 million at stake in a personal injury verdict, jurors have begun considering whether Ford Motor Co. is responsible for the death of John Jablonski Sr. and the severe injuries sustained by his wife, Dora.

Madison County jury hits Ford for $43 million verdict

By Steve Gonzalez | Apr 19, 2005

Bradley Lakin A Madison County jury has returned with a verdict of $43 million for the family of a man burned to death after a speeding woman rammed into his Lincoln Town Car and it burst into flames

Tree lands on car, case lands in court

By Ann Knef | Apr 20, 2005

Jeffrey and Angela Fleming, who reside at 9937 Old Lincoln Trail in Fairview Heights, are named in the suit. Former Swansea resident Heather Kirby says power company AmerenIP, the city of Fairview Heights, St. Clair County, property owners Jeffrey and Angela Fleming and Nelson Tree Service are responsible for the injuries she sustained when a tree fell on a car in which she was a passenger. She is suing them for at least $200,000.

Land of Lawsuits initiative planting grassroots reform

By Ann Knef | Apr 20, 2005

Ed Murnane With their sights set on ending lawsuit abuse in the Land of Lincoln, a grassroots campaign is planting seeds of reform across the prairie state.

Ford plans appeal of $43 million verdict

By Steve Gonzalez | Apr 20, 2005

Ford Motor Co. is planning to appeal a $43 million verdict reached by a Madison County jury Tuesday, according to defense attorney James Feeney.

Dentist sued by patient with Ludwig's angina

By Steve Gonzalez | Apr 21, 2005

A woman treated by a dentist at Southern Illinois University (SIU) School of Dental Medicine in Alton filed suit April 20 in Madison County Circuit Court alleging she developed Ludwig’s angina which threatened her life after her treatment.

Feds announce new round of indictments

By Steve Gonzalez | Apr 21, 2005

United States Attorney Ronald J. Tenpas announced the indictment of Devon Smith, 19, of Mt. Vernon by a federal grand jury sitting in Benton on April 20.

Belleville Police accused of tightening handcuffs, suspect seeks $300k

By Steve Gonzalez | Apr 21, 2005

Belleville Police Department Two Belleville policemen are accused of injuring a man during an arrest by deliberately tightening the suspect's handcuffs, according to a lawsuit filed in St. Clair County Circuit Court. The suspect is seeking $300,000 in damages.

Company files class action over unlawful taking of toner ink, paper and power

By Steve Gonzalez | Apr 21, 2005

For the second time in two months, Locklear Electric of Wood River filed a class action lawsuit against a business which sent it an unsolicited fax.

Five new suits filed against Vioxx in St. Clair County

By Steve Gonzalez | Apr 21, 2005

St. Louis attorney Jeffrey Lowe filed another five lawsuits in St. Clair County Circuit Court on behalf of 23 individuals who claim their medical problems were the result of taking Vioxx over an extended period of time.

Street Q & A: Is the recent $43 million verdict against Ford excessive?

By Heather Anderson | Apr 21, 2005

Kevin Hubbard, Edwardsville A Madison County jury recently awarded $43 million to woman whose husband was killed when another vehicle crashed into their stationary 1993 Lincoln Town car. Ford Motor Co. must pay. The Record asked folks in Edwardsville whether the judgment was excessive.

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