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Street Q & A: How has the price of gas affected your budget?

Eee gads! The cost of filling up at the gas station is killing our pocketbooks. Record Reporter Heather Anderson asks citizens, "How has the price of gas affected your budget?"

Street Q & A: Is the recent $43 million verdict against Ford excessive?

Kevin Hubbard, Edwardsville A Madison County jury recently awarded $43 million to woman whose husband was killed when another vehicle crashed into their stationary 1993 Lincoln Town car. Ford Motor Co. must pay. The Record asked folks in Edwardsville whether the judgment was excessive.

Street Q&A: Has the medical malpractice crisis affected your healthcare in any way?

Natalie Parr Medical malpractice reform so far has not gained enough support in the state legislature for passage this year. Curious about how the doctor exodus affects average citizens in the area, The Record hit the streets, asking, "Has the medical malpractice crisis affected your healthcare in any way?"

New Lawsuits: Friday, April 1

Fresh from the courthouse:

Q&A: Will the NCAA Final Four showdown be part of your weekend plans?

Wondering what the latest hoopla is around the St. Louis region? In a random street poll, Record reporter Heather Anderson asks people whether the NCAA Final Four showdown across the Mississippi is in their weekend plans.

Street Q & A: Regarding the Schiavo case, who or what possesses authority to make life and death decisions?

Tracey Pearson, Edwardsville The Record discovered there is no shortage of opinion when it comes to the topic that lately has dominated national news coverage. Reporter Heather Anderson seeks insight from folks on the streets of Edwardsville.

Street Q & A: "Could a judge armed with a concealed weapon prevent tragic courtroom deaths, such as what recently occurred in Atlanta?

Aaron Kuban, Geneseo On the streets of Edwardsville, a Record reporter recently sought reaction on arming judges in the courtroom.

Street Q&A: What is the most pressing problem facing our country?

Matthew Crouse The Record asked folks on the streets of Edwardsville, "What is the most pressing problem facing our country?"

New Lawsuits: Monday, March 7

Monday's Madison County Civil Law Division filings

Street Q & A: Should bits of Busch proceeds go to charity?

Mark Hofeditz, Edwardsville Would you be interested in buying a piece of Busch Stadium? If so, should the proceeds go to charity?

New Lawsuits: Friday Feb. 25

Fresh from the courthouse:

New Lawsuits: Wednesday Feb. 23

Rodney Van Huss v. Nathan D. Yates and Stephanie Bess

Street Q&A: Do you care what America thinks?

Trisha Maniaci, Edwardsville President Bush has held up Madison & St. Clair counties as Exhibit A for tort reform. Do we care what America thinks?

New Lawsuits: Friday Feb.18

New Lawsuits: Thursday Feb. 17

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New Lawsuits: Wednesday, Feb. 16

Wednesday's Law Division lawsuits

New Lawsuits: Tuesday, Feb. 15

Tuesday's Law Division filings:

New Lawsuits: Monday, Feb. 14

Monday's Law Division filings:

This Just In: Thursday, Feb. 10

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This Just In: Wednesday, Feb. 9

John Sminchak v. ABC Investments, Inc