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Can truck driver's record be entered in trooper death case? Lawyers argue in Montgomery County

By Record News | Apr 21, 2016

HILLSBORO – Montgomery County Circuit Judge Douglas Jarman must decide how much jurors need to know about the road record of DOT Foods driver Johnny Felton, whose truck struck and killed state trooper Kyle Deatherage in 2012.

Agreed order in trooper wrongful death case stipulates counsel will proceed in civil fashion

By The Madison County Record | Dec 18, 2015

HILLSBORO – Swansea attorney Tom Keefe signed an order on Dec. 14, agreeing to not resort to snide, insulting, derogatory, uncivil or harassing comments in Montgomery County circuit court. Keefe withdraws an allegation that lawyers for DOT Foods and a trucking subsidiary deserve sanctions for misconduct at a deposition of a company witness. He concedes that his client Sarah Deatherage must answer questions about dating and social life. He agrees not to disparage opposing counsel in email to l

Permanent grief claims in trooper widow's wrongful death case open door to discovery

By The Madison County Record | Sep 30, 2015

HILLSBORO – Sarah Deatherage, widow of state trooper Kyle Deatherage, must testify about her dating and social life, Montgomery County Circuit Judge Douglas Jarman ruled on Sept. 17. He ordered her to answer questions she wouldn’t answer in June, at a deposition for her suit against the owners and the driver of a truck that hit her husband.

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