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Fourth District: Asbestos judge did not err in staying terminally ill man’s trial

The Madison County Record Aug. 1, 2017, 4:42pm

SPRINGFIELD – McLean County Presiding Judge Rebecca Foley committed no error when she stayed trial for a man about to die of lung cancer, Fourth District appellate judges decided on July 26.

Property owner accuses men of failing to prevent livestock from trespassing

The Madison County Record Aug. 1, 2017, 3:58pm

A Madison County property owner is suing over alleged livestock trespassing.

Witnesses shift blame in statements following Dec. 30 murder in Belleville

The Madison County Record Aug. 1, 2017, 12:31pm

Witnesses to the murder of Carl Silas, who at first accused David Fields of shooting him, shifted the blame to a stranger four hours later, according to reports of St. Clair County sheriff’s deputies.

Illinois needs to be a right-to-work state to compete for jobs

The Madison County Record Aug. 1, 2017, 11:27am

Illinois is surrounded by right-to-work states. Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Iowa, and Wisconsin all have right-to-work laws protecting employees from forced unionism – as do the majority of U.S. States, 28 in all.

Ray Coleman statement of atonement

The Madison County Record Jul. 27, 2017, 10:49am

I want to take this opportunity to make a declarative statement to those familiar with my history as the head basketball coach at East St. Louis Sr. High School from 2010 to 2012.

Fields murder case continued to September; Victim’s mother: witness statements don’t make sense

The Madison County Record Jul. 26, 2017, 9:05am

Seven months after the arrest of murder suspect David Fields, court proceedings still haven’t started.

State school funding bill would micromanage public school spending-- down to the cent

The Madison County Record Jul. 25, 2017, 1:21pm

State bureaucrats will dictate how many teachers Illinois school districts must hire and how much to pay them if a school funding bill gets signed into law this month.

What is moral responsibility of city administration in Granite City?

The Madison County Record Jul. 25, 2017, 7:46am

Is it appropriate to waive a possible cumulative total in excess of $6,000 in fees and fines (according to the language in the ordinance) because those persons violating the ordinance are city employees?

Fifth District: Lopinot should not have granted plaintiff new trial in Caterpillar defense verdict

The Madison County Record Jul. 25, 2017, 7:28am

MOUNT VERNON – St. Clair County Circuit Judge Vincent Lopinot, who concluded post-trial that his errors spoiled an injury trial against heavy equipment maker Caterpillar, committed no error at all, Fifth District appellate judges ruled on July 21.

News vacuum opens door for start-up to focus on important things

The Madison County Record Jul. 25, 2017, 6:36am

That vacuum will provide an opportunity for a new political message and a new cable news messenger. This new entity will speak to those who are not adherents to the message of the crazy left or the crazy right. It will focus on how to achieve the goals listed above; jobs, a significant increase in family purchasing power, an optimistic future for children, and the ability for individuals to control their own senior years.

Massage Envy seeks fees in dismissed class saying it stretched ‘into realm of frivolous’

The Madison County Record Jul. 25, 2017, 6:21am

EAST ST. LOUIS – Massage Envy parlor chain, which defeated a consumer fraud claim in U.S. district court, accuses plaintiffs of bad faith and seeks to recover about $240,000 in legal fees.

ITLA should launch an apology tour

The Madison County Record Jul. 24, 2017, 4:04pm

ITLA should hold its own rally at Malcolm Martin Memorial Park and apologize for the harm they've done.

State tax hike means Harrisburg's richest get richer

The Madison County Record Jul. 21, 2017, 1:13pm

School’s out in the summertime. So when Harrisburg’s Mike and Angella Gauch decided they would drive to Springfield earlier this month, getting out of work wasn’t a concern.

LeChien denies injunction that would have forced payment to social services providers

The Madison County Record Jul. 21, 2017, 7:05am

Agencies that provide social services to the state can’t claim the same right of payment as state employees in the absence of appropriations, St. Clair County Circuit Judge Robert LeChien ruled on July 17.

Herndon denies remand to St. Clair County in personal injury suit against Dillard's

The Madison County Record Jul. 18, 2017, 10:02pm

EAST ST. LOUIS – St.Clair County resident Toni Perrin concealed the value of a suit against retailer Dillard’s in bad faith to defeat federal jurisdiction, U.S. District Judge David Herndon ruled on July 13.

Karmeier deposition key factor in State Farm's summary judgment move in multi-billion RICO case

The Madison County Record Jul. 18, 2017, 9:53pm

EAST ST. LOUIS – Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier swore he knew nothing of campaign contributions from State Farm in 2004, according to a motion the insurer filed against a $10 billion racketeering claim on July 17.

Three strikes and SAFE is out!

The Madison County Record Jul. 18, 2017, 12:23pm

If law enforcement officials don't have to obey a law, why would anyone else?

Seventh Circuit reverses Madison County jury verdict favoring jail guards

The Madison County Record Jul. 18, 2017, 9:31am

CHICAGO – U.S. Seventh Circuit appellate judges reversed a jury verdict clearing Madison County jail guards of blame for a suicide attempt that has kept Reginald Pittman in a vegetative state for 10 years.

Press not welcome at the annual AAJ convention

The Madison County Record Jul. 12, 2017, 10:54am

Unless you have a lot of experience with things like skis, stilts, and pogo sticks, you run a real good risk of falling down when you give them a go.

Rex Carr continues to win court battles; Fourth District decides malpractice claim

The Madison County Record Jul. 11, 2017, 9:34am

SPRINGFIELD – Rex Carr, who won most of his court battles while alive, has won a court battle in death.