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Herndon denies summary judgment in Highland principal's discrimination suit

EAST ST. LOUIS – District judge David Herndon denied the Highland Board of Education’s motion for summary judgment in a discrimination suit, concluding a jury could conclude that the plaintiff was paid less because of her gender. 

Illinois Supreme Court approves new rule mandating jury trials in certain cases under mental health code

SPRINGFIELD — Chief Justice Lloyd Karmeier and the Illinois Supreme Court announced last month the approval of Supreme Court Rule 293. The new rule requires that all trial courts commence a jury trial if requested by a respondent in an involuntary admission proceeding.

Court rules on pretrial motions in injury case against Universal Scaffolding

A U.S. District Court judge denied four pretrial motions of a scaffolding manufacturer named in a personal injury suit and upheld a plaintiffs' motion to block trial subpoena for their counsel.

Tightening of 'part-timers' pension eligibility seen as positive by taxpayers' advocate, but only 'tinkers' with big problem

A taxpayers' advocate sees a recent decision that increases the minimum number of hours that Madison County employees must work in order to be eligible for pension benefits as a positive move, but one that only "tinkers" with a more profound problem.