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Herndon sends breach of contract case against Ford Motor Credit to arbitration

BENTON – The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois has ordered an Illinois resident, who had sued Ford Motor Credit Co. for allegedly failing to uphold its obligations under an auto contract, to resolve the case through arbitration.

Rosenstengel orders U.S. and medical malpractice plaintiff to submit judgment calculations

EAST ST. LOUIS — A U.S. district judge in East St. Louis ordered that parties in a more than $29 million medical malpractice case involving a 36-year-old man who suffered severe kidney damage due to alleged negligence to submit calculations and proposed judgments to the court.

State Supreme Court expands continuing education credits for judging student simulation training

To better prepare law students to practice in the 21st century, the Illinois Supreme Court recently adopted changes to the minimum continuing legal education (MCLE) rules that emphasize the increasing importance of simulation training for educating law students.

Judge Sarah Smith certified as Illinois National Guard’s first military judge under code of military justice

EDWARDSVILLE — Growing up in Edwardsville, Third Judicial Circuit Associate Judge Sarah Smith, a daughter of a lineman and a stay-at-home mom, knew that if she wanted to go college, she would have to figure out a way to pay for it.

Appellate court rules Belleville woman has no standing to act as guardian for granddaughter

The Fifth District Appellate Court has ruled that St. Clair County Circuit Judge Stephen McGlynn erred when he made a Belleville woman the guardian of her 6-year-old granddaughter whose father allegedly has drug and mental health problems.

District Court judge throws out nine claims against maker of drug Depakote due to Indiana statute of repose

EAST ST. LOUIS — A federal judge has dismissed the claims of nine plaintiffs in Multi-District Litigation against the makers of the anti-epilepsy drug Depakote which allegedly causes serious birth defects in children.

Rosenstengel denies former deck crew's request to declare what constitutes a thunderstorm

BENTON, Il. – An Illinois federal court denied a request by a former crew member, who claims he was injured while working on a boat during severe weather conditions, for the court to attest to what constitutes a thunderstorm.

Widow's suit alleges negligence by asbestos manufacturers

BELLEVILLE — The widow of a former mechanic and truck driver is suing numerous asbestos product manufacturers and distributors for wrongfully causing the death of her husband.

Former railroad employee claims negligence caused asbestos-induced lung cancer

BELLEVILLE — A former engineer is suing past employers and others who manufactured or distributed asbestos products, stating their negligence led to his lung cancer.

Widow files suit claiming negligence in husband's alleged asbestos-related cancer

BELLEVILLE — The widow of a former technician and electrician is suing numerous asbestos manufacturers, distributors and installers, claiming their negligence led to her husband’s death.

WalletHub says Illinois has highest state and local tax burden; Voters seem to be feeling pinch

Illinois has the highest state and local tax burden in the country, according to a recent report by a personal finance website.

Outgoing O'Fallon mayor hopes voters choose business-friendly candidate as successor

O’FALLON — The other day, a young man turned to O’Fallon mayor Gary Graham and said, “You are the only mayor I have ever known.”

Court upholds age discrimination and retaliation claims against BeDell Center

U.S. District Judge David Herndon has upheld age discrimination and common law retaliation claims brought by a former employee at a facility that provides services to children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Gilster-Mary Corp. ordered to pay half of attorney fees in liability case

EAST ST. LOUIS — The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois ordered Gilster-Mary Lee Corp. (GML) to pay half of the attorney’s fees and costs to plaintiff BNSF Railway Co., following a dispute in a liability case.