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Crash injuries allegedly tied to motorist's negligence

EDWARDSVILLE – A Madison County resident is suing a motorist for alleged negligence in a 2015 collision accident that resulted in physical injury to the plaintiff.

Man claims fellow motorist caused collision

EDWARDSVILLE – A Madison County man is suing a fellow motorist, alleging negligence resulting in injuries in a January 2015 collision.

First Collinsville Bank of Madison County say borrower has defaulted

EDWARDSVILLE – A Madison County financial institution filed suit against one of its customers for an alleged failure to repay a loan originating in 2012.

Illinois Senators, caucus advocate for SB 231 education funding reform

SPRINGFIELD – Following the Illinois school funding reform’s recent Senate passage by a healthy margin, State Sens. Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill) and Bill Haine (D-Alton) said they were pleased with the 31-21-3 vote. 

Widower sues car manufacturer in wrongful death suit

A widower is suing an automotive manufacturer over alleged defective seat bolts, which he claims gave out when his wife was rear-ended, allegedly causing her death.

Disabled beneficiary sues Allsup over alleged Social Security fraud

A St. Clair County resident is suing an Illinois corporation charging breach of fiduciary duty and fraud in a disability benefits compliance issue beginning in 2010. Linda Cramer filed a lawsuit Aug. 18 in St. Clair County Circuit Court against Allsup Inc. of Belleville, with Aetna Life Insurance Company listed as a respondent in discovery, in a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits dispute dating to August 2010.

Accident victim’s parents allege reckless driver was a drug user

A Madison County mother and father are bringing a driver to court on charges of negligent entrustment in a 2013 roadway collision that injured their daughter.

Worker sues Ashley Furniture claiming age discrimination

A resident is charging her employer with violation of the Illinois Human Rights Act based on her treatment from 2011 to the present.

Parents sue East Alton motorist for medical expenses following collision

A Macoupin County family is suing a Madison County resident on allegations of vehicular negligence in a 2014 head-on collision which purportedly injured the entire family.

Injured woman sues driver following collision on Rock Road

A Madison County resident is suing a motorist on allegations of negligent driving in 2013 following an accident which she claims injured her.

Lumberyard Suppliers sues H & M Construction over alleged unpaid debts

A Madison County lumber business is suing a St. Clair County construction firm and its owner, charging breach of contract in a matter spanning five years.

Woman accuses St. Clair County police officer of negligence following Shiloh collision

A woman is suing a motorist, a county municipal government and a police officer, charging reckless driving by the law enforcement officer and departmental negligence in 2014.

Passenger sues driver of oncoming car alleging injuries following Route 143 collision

A Madison County resident is suing another motorist over allegations of vehicular negligence in an automobile accident on state Route 143 in Madison County.

Driver sues motorist following collision in Clay Street intersection

A St. Clair County resident is suing a motorist on charges of vehicular negligence in a collision which was supposedly caused by the defendant’s failure to obey a traffic light.

Woman files Dram Shop suit against three bars following fatal car accident

A St. Clair County estate representative is suing several business entities and their owners, alleging several counts of negligence in her plaintiff’s 2015 death.

Motorist sues oncoming driver following crash at South Jefferson intersection

A St. Clair County resident is suing a motorist alleging vehicular negligence in a collision on South Jefferson Avenue.

Driver sues second motorist, alleging negligence in rear-end collision

A St. Clair County motorist is suing another driver, alleging vehicular negligence in a crash that he says left him with injuries and economic damage.

Consumer files class action against Earth Friendly Products over alleged fraudulent detergent labeling

A St. Clair County woman is suing a household cleaning product manufacturer, alleging false advertising.

Driver sues motorist following highway collision near Shiloh

A woman is suing a motorist regarding an automobile accident which she claims left her permanently impaired.

Grocery shopper sues Granite City Supervalu over slip and fall

A Madison County resident is suing a Granite City supermarket regarding a 2014 premises accident which she argues was directly and proximately caused by the store’s negligence.