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The Obama standard: Has it been met?

So, before shedding a tear of praise and applauding the cheerful and blind optimism of the Obamas and the Obama third-term-wannabe, I want the grandparents, parents and teens in Detroit, Chicago, Spartanburg (S.C.), Houston, Greenville (S.C.), Atlanta, Saginaw (Mich.), Memphis and St. Louis (nine cities labeled as “war zones” by most) to grade Michelle’s self-proclaimed reason to exist. Have they “left something better” for your kids and grandkids?

The Rule of Law is on life support; chaos and tyranny await at bedside

Fast and Furious…IRS targeting of conservatives…IRS destruction of evidence in the midst of an investigation…Veterans’ Administration fabrication of evidence…Benghazi…Eric Holder perjury…GSA Las Vegas extravaganzas…Solyndra…New Black Panthers…release of convicted violent illegal aliens…then there is Hillary (private servers, destruction of evidence, lying to Congress and the FBI, extremely careless actions putting our nation and people at risk).

Freedom's Slow Death


Obamacare: Death of 'The Rule of Law'


Judicial arrogance and educational negligence: Enablers of bad behavior in children


President Obama’s Thirst For Unlimited Power Has Transformed America

ArmstrongThe President’s promise to transform America is one of the few he has kept - perhaps the only one. I don’t like his work product in the least, yet in spite of the known record of the President and the Democratic party leaders (Harry Reid, for example) to foment nonsensical hatred towards constitutional conservatives with descriptions like “anarchists,” “terrorists,” “haters of government,”

It Won’t Happen Again. We Promise. 'Signed: Barack, Hillary, Susan, Steven, Lois, Eric…and Adam'


A willingness to be governed beyond constitutional boundaries spells the voluntary surrender of freedom

(Editor's Note: Edwardsville attorney Armstrong turned an informal 2005 gathering into 3,000 pages of educational materials (written, in part, and edited, in full, by himself), five adult study clubs in Madison County and a student club at Edwardsville High School. He envisions an ELL Constitution Club (Earn It, Learn It or Lose It) in communities across the country and invites lawyers and citizens

Mr. President, Being King Isn't Always What It's Cracked Up To Be

Congratulations on winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Mr. President, but, at a minimum, you'll have to fork over the Dough within 60 days of accepting it come this December when you fly to Oslo.

26+ Reasons to Get Off the Couch - Part III

Editor's note:This is the third column in a three-part series

26+ Reasons to Get Off the Couch - Part II

Ten Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee believe you are superhuman. They are the ones that sought a 72-hour Internet publication of their as-yet-unfinished version of a comprehensive Health Care Plan for Americans & Others (illegal immigrants).

26+ Reasons to Get Off the Couch-- Part I

(Editor's note: This is the first of a three-part series).

Was 'general welfare' intended to include health care?

Any American fifth grader knows our federal government has three branches, right? Remember the basics? The Legislative Branch (Congress) "makes" our laws, the Executive Branch (the President) "enforces" our laws and the Judicial Branch "interprets" our laws.

We the People need to safeguard our liberties

"We-the-People-of-this-era" have failed ourselves in our own self-governing. Indeed, we have failed over one million Americans who have died on the battlefields of freedom (from the Revolutionary War to Afghanistan) and countless others who have been disabled, orphaned or widowed (the additional price of freedom).