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Illinois Supreme Court says State's Attorneys cannot make traffic stops absent police investigations; Concludes SAFE units are unauthorized

The Illinois Supreme Court affirmed the Third District Appellate Court’s decision that the La Salle County State’s Attorney’s Felony Enforcement (SAFE) unit does not have the authority to conduct traffic stops and make arrests as part of its independent drug investigations. 

Pedestrian alleges motorist hit him in Alton

EDWARDSVILLE — A pedestrian is suing a motorist, alleging that she struck him by veering off the paved roadway.

Former Village Drive Inn employee says owner inappropriately touched her

EDWARDSVILLE — A woman is suing the owners of the Village Drive Inn, citing alleged sexual harassment and wrongful termination.

Woman alleges injuries from train collision

EDWARDSVILLE — A woman alleges she was injured when a car she was riding in was struck by a train.

John Beal Incorporated seeks payment from homeowner for roofing work

EDWARDSVILLE — A roofing contractor is suing a property owner, alleging breach of contract for not paying a balance due.

Alton man says officers entered home without warrant

EDWARDSVILLE — A man is suing the City of Alton and two police officers for allegedly entering his home without a warrant and injuring him.

Federal judge denies appeal of transfer order in bankruptcy case

The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois has denied the request of a bankruptcy litigant who sought leave to appeal the transfer of her case to the Northern District of Texas.

Madison County appeals $659K judgment in former employee’s ADA case

CHICAGO – Madison County has appealed a jury verdict finding the treasurer’s office discriminated against employee Linda Dunnagan while current county board chairman Kurt Prenzler occupied the office.

Motorist reaches $700K settlement with Americorp; Truck driver had criminal record, history of drug use

The Langdon & Emison law firm reached a $700,000 settlement with Americorp Xpress Carriers in a suit alleging a tractor-trailer crash caused by a truck driver with a criminal record, previous driving convictions and a history of drug use.

Statements on veto override

Rauner: Speaker Madigan’s 32 percent permanent income tax increase will force another tax hike in the near future.

Rosenstengel orders U.S. and medical malpractice plaintiff to submit judgment calculations

EAST ST. LOUIS — A U.S. district judge in East St. Louis ordered that parties in a more than $29 million medical malpractice case involving a 36-year-old man who suffered severe kidney damage due to alleged negligence to submit calculations and proposed judgments to the court.

Illinoisans are still waiting for independence

More than 240 years ago, a group of individuals stood up against a far-off king who taxed them without recourse. Americans honor their efforts each year on Independence Day.

Fifth District Appellate Court rejects appeal by convicted murderer

MT. VERNON — An Illinois man who was convicted of murder, armed robbery and home invasion in 1987 lost another appeal.

Settlement reached in case against Darby Trucking

BENTON — A settlement has been reached in a lawsuit between a Missouri truck driver and a Mississippi trucking company that stemmed from a tractor-trailer accident in Cumberland County.

Stein Steel Mill Service granted summary judgment in retaliatory discharge suit

BENTON — Summary judgment was recently granted in favor of Stein Steel Mill after a mill worker filed a complaint against the company, alleging that he was fired for questioning duplicitous instructions from his supervisor.

Fifth District rules against Wal-Mart in dispute over veterans' work-related injury

MT. VERNON — The Fifth District Appellate Court recently upheld a work comp award to a military veteran involving a work-related injury sustained before he was deployed to Afghanistan.

Federal court dismisses family business dispute for lack of jurisdiction

EAST ST. LOUIS — A federal court has dismissed a lawsuit brought by a Missouri man against the law firm that had represented his daughters.

Federal court rules in favor of Phillips 66 in discrimination suit

EAST St. LOUIS— A former employee who alleged gender discrimination by her employer, Phillips 66 Company, failed to prove her case and it has been dismissed.

Federal court denies O'Fallon school district's motion to dismiss former administrator's suit

BENTON — The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois has returned a mixed ruling in school administrator June Isselhardt’s suit against O'Fallon Community Consolidated School District No. 90.

Trial set Aug. 14 in Prenzler attack case

A man accused of attacking Madison County board chairman Kurt Prenzler four months ago will face trial Aug. 14.