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Banks seek summary judgment in eight-year-old Ponzi scheme class

Stack South Carolina lawyer Fred Thompson claims Wells Fargo and Fifth Third banks should have stopped a Ponzi scheme involving bond issues for nursing homes, but in eight years he hasn't produced any evidence that the banks knew about the scheme.

SimmonsCooper donations kick in for Giannoulias

Browder has donated $2,400 Attorneys, staff and relatives of East Alton asbestos firm SimmonsCooper have so far contributed more than $60,000 to the U.S. Senate campaign of Illinois Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias.

Security guard's malicious prosecution case against Madison up for trial Monday

A battery lawsuit brought against two police officers and the city of Madison is set for trial Monday.

Mock DUI trials teach Highland students about courts, decision making

Students from Highland Middle School take part in mock trials to learn about the courts systems Friday. Madison County Associate Judges Clarence Harrison and Duane Bailey, as well as other volunteers, helped put the trials on. Today was not a good day for pop singers Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas in Madison County Circuit Court.

Fairness hearing continued in First Health class action settlement dispute

After three hours of argument at a class action fairness hearing Tuesday, Madison Circuit Judge Daniel Stack had had enough.

The system isn't broken, It's fixed

Illinois state government isn't broken, it's fixed.

Blago & Gino

Young. Fresh-faced. Self-absorbed. And most of all, pro-lawsuit. That's how East Alton law firm SimmonsCooper likes its political candidates.

State Farm sues to recover damages in auto accident

State Farm Fire and Casualty Company says two St. Clair County people owe it more than $50,000 after causing injuries to one of its insured during a collision.

Secrecy of asbestos trusts critical ally of plaintiff attorneys who run them

Hartley With major American corporations sagging under the weight of billions in asbestos-related lawsuits, Congress set out in 1994 to provide a reasonable way for companies to limit their liability to asbestos victims.

Testimony begins tomorrow on tort reform bills

Murnane Proponents of civil justice reform are set to testify in support of several bills tomorrow at a joint hearing of the General Assembly's Senate and House Judiciary Committees.

Swig of Mountain Dew included dead mouse, suit claims

A man who found a dead mouse in a can of Mountain Dew after taking a swig from it is suing Pepsico, a store and its manager.

Missouri man sues Fast Eddie's over beating injuries

A Missouri man says he was struck repeatedly and incurred head, shoulder and rib injuries while visiting an Alton business.

Testimony starts in Madison malicious prosecution trial

A trial against the city of Madison and one of its police officers over allegations of battery and malicious prosecution is under way in Madison County Circuit Court.

Fast Eddie's and Regal Beagle sued over man's injuries during brawl

A man wants the court to reward him more than $200,000 after he says he received a broken nose and damages to his left knee and right ankle during a brawl at a Madison County business.

Driver sued for taking off before passenger all the way out

A mother has filed suit on behalf of her minor daughter, alleging a driver injured her daughter as he pulled away while the girl was still halfway in the car.

Melted ice causes woman's injuries, suit claims

A St. Clair County woman is suing an East St. Louis store and a Swansea ice company for injuries she incurred after she slipped and fell on melted ice.

Testimony continues in Madison malicious prosecution trial

Crowder Testimony resumed today in a malicious prosecution trial against the city of Madison and one of its police officers stemming from a 2006 incident involving the arrest of a prostitute.

Tort reform proponents testify in Springfield

Groups seeking to reform parts of Illinois' civil justice system testified before a joint hearing of the State Senate and House Judiciary committees today.

Justice Karmeier to administer oath to new attorneys

Karmeier Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier will preside and administer the attorney's oath when 115 new attorneys are admitted to practice in a ceremony in Collinsville on May 7.

Alton man sues police and city over alleged beating

An Alton man has filed suit against the city, its police department and four of its officers, alleging officers beat him at least two times in the middle of the town.