News from June 2009

Route 15 accident caused injuries, suit claims

By Kelly Holleran | Jun 1, 2009

An Illinois woman says her head, neck and back were severely injured after a Florida woman ran a red light and violently collided with her vehicle.

Welder claims neck and spine injuries in suit against Norfolk Southern

By Kelly Holleran | Jun 1, 2009

A Norfolk Southern Railway Company employee says he will have to undergo multiple surgeries because of work he performed for the company.

Belleville attorney sues man who vandalized home and hit occupant with golf club

By Kelly Holleran | Jun 1, 2009

A Belleville attorney and two other individuals have filed suit against a man who they say damaged their property and hit one of them with a golf club.

13 new asbestos cases filed in Madison County May 11-15

By Kelly Holleran | Jun 1, 2009

A total of 13 new asbestos suits were filed in Madison County Circuit Court during the week of May 11 through May 15.

Woman crossing street in wheelchair claims injuries in collision

By Kelly Holleran | Jun 1, 2009

A woman says her face, head, chest and pelvis were seriously injured after a car struck her as she was crossing the street in a wheelchair.

Godfrey man sues Madison County sheriff and deputies over arrest and injuries

By Kelly Holleran | Jun 1, 2009

A Godfrey man has filed suit against Madison County Sheriff's deputies Timothy Mudd and Richard Roe and Madison County Sheriff Robert J. Hertz, plus unknown officers of the department, claiming he was wrongly arrested and beat up by Mudd for no apparent reason.

Farmer amputated by corn picker sues

By Kelly Holleran | Jun 1, 2009

A Clinton County man will probably always remember Nov. 28 as the day he lost his left leg in a farming accident.

Nursing home sued over 95-year-old resident's fall

By Kelly Holleran | Jun 1, 2009

The guardian of a disabled 95-year-old woman says the elderly resident fell and fractured both of her hips while under the care of a Madison County nursing home.

Alton and Southern sued over conductor's back injuries

By Kelly Holleran | Jun 1, 2009

A former Alton and Southern Railway worker has filed suit against the company, alleging his back was seriously injured because of work he performed for the company.

YRC settles for $1.1 million in '07 Pontoon Beach negligence suit

By Amelia Flood | Jun 1, 2009

The number of defendants in a 2007 negligence suit that has spawned counterclaims and a wrongful death action has dropped as one settled with both plaintiffs Monday.

Mother targets ATV manufacturer claiming accelerator stuck in boy's crash

By Kelly Holleran | Jun 1, 2009

The mother of a minor boy says her son fractured his face and right arm after the ATV he was riding crashed into a tree.

'Girlfriend Motion' and 'Dead Man's Act' argued in Pontoon Beach negligence case

By Amelia Flood | Jun 1, 2009

Crowder Madison County Circuit Judge Barbara Crowder on Monday continued to plow through mountains of motions in a 2007 negligence suit stemming from an accident in Pontoon Beach.

St. Louis cop, city and bar sued over shooting incident

By Kelly Holleran | Jun 2, 2009

A man says he was only trying to give an intoxicated off-duty St. Louis police officer a helping hand when the officer shot him in the chest in the parking lot of a bar.

Beckemeyer bar attracts unwanted visitors, neighbors say in suit

By Kelly Holleran | Jun 2, 2009

Two Beckemeyer residents have filed suit against a bar in their neighborhood, alleging the bar is attracting unwanted visitors to the area who make loud noise throughout the night.

Wood River insurance rep honored by Mutual of Omaha

By The Madison County Record | Jun 2, 2009

Lisa Waltrip, representative for Secure Insurance & Financial Services of 11 E. Ferguson Ave., Wood River, was recently named as one of Mutual of Omaha's 2008 Top 50 Independent Insurance Agents in the United States.

Defense asks to move negligence trial due to client's pregnancy

By Amelia Flood | Jun 2, 2009

Ruth A 2000 negligence trial that was slated to begin Monday in Madison County Circuit Judge Dennis Ruth's court is on hold as the defense asks for a different trial due to their client's pregnancy.

GM sued by unrenewed local dealer for inducing it to buy Pontiac, build new site

By Ann Knef | Jun 2, 2009

A Belleville auto dealership that has existed for nearly a century is suing General Motors for $7 million claiming the troubled auto maker fraudulently induced it into constructing a new facility in 2007, only to be informed last month it would not have its franchise renewed by GM.

Alton Memorial and doctors named in lung cancer case

By Kelly Holleran | Jun 3, 2009

A man has filed suit on behalf of his deceased wife against Alton Memorial Hospital, Midwest Radiological Associates, Fairview Heights Medical Group and three doctors, alleging his wife died after the defendants failed to timely diagnose her with lung cancer.

Highland pedestrian sues over crosswalk accident

By Kelly Holleran | Jun 3, 2009

A woman has filed a lawsuit in the hopes of obtaining more than $50,000 after she says she was struck by a car while crossing the street.

Class action: Shop N Save charged 50 cents extra in check cashing fee

By Kelly Holleran | Jun 3, 2009

Maag An Edwardsville woman has filed a class action lawsuit against SuperValu, doing business as Shop N Save, claiming the store charges more than is allowed under Illinois law for check cashing services.

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