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Fairview Heights fable

There once was a Metro-East city that tried to collect a tax from some of its own people, and others in Illinois, too.

OK, Illinoisans: We've had our moments/hours in the spotlight

I was born in Chicago and I have been a legal resident of Illinois for 94% of my life -- only a stint in Washington interrupted. I love the city and the state.

The circus won't be the same

It is just a matter of days now and yet I still have not reconciled my feelings about Rod Blagojevich's removal from office.

Health care in the balance

To the editor:

Kroger spared grilling by Tillery in soggy chicken case

Tillery Stephen Tillery of St. Louis has settled an eight-year-old class action claim that Tyson Foods reaped unjust profit by selling soggy chickens.

Woman claims injuries in collision

A woman who claims her neck, back, shoulders, right hand and body were injured after an accident has filed suit against the man who collided with her.

Route 161 accident is subject of suit

Sonji R. Palmer has filed suit against Fathiyyah A.H. Salahuddin, alleging she was injured after Salahuddin collided with her.

Woman in wheelchair claims injuries aboard bus

A St. Clair County woman claims she was injured as she was riding in her wheelchair on a bus.

Man shot at Belleville bar sues

A man who was shot while visiting a Belleville bar has filed suit against the business.

Payless Car Rental sues St. Louis Car Rental

Payless Car Rental Systems has filed suit against St. Louis Car Rental and its owners, Brian and Pamela Bauer, alleging they failed to pay more than $120,000 for materials delivered to them.

Woman claims injuries in Church Street accident

A woman claims she was injured in an automobile accident after another woman collided with her.

Driver without license crossed center line, suit claims

A Missouri woman claims she was injured after a Missouri man who did not have a license drove a vehicle across the dividing line of traffic and collided with her.

Remington Place claims value of property is less than fair market

Remington Place has filed suit against John Honchak Sr. and Phyllis Chartrand, alleging Honchak did not convey the full amount of land described in a warranty deed.

Suit claims driver failed to exercise proper control of wayward car

A Jersey County woman claims she was injured while riding in a car a Madison County woman was driving after the car went off the street and down a hill.

U-turn at intersection causes accident, suit claims

A man claims he was injured after another man tried to pull a U-turn in front of his vehicle, but collided with him instead.

Fairview Heights accident is subject of suit

A woman claiming she was hit by a driver pulling out of a McDonald's restaurant two years ago in Fairview Heights has filed suit.

Motorcyclist sues driver over Cahokia accident

Robert Little Eagle has filed suit against Gregory Williams, alleging he was injured after Williams struck him while he was riding on a motorcycle.

Bus driver complains of injuries in accident

A woman claims she was injured after a man struck the side of the Freightliner bus she was driving.

Tourniquet left on too long, med mal suit claims

A Madison County man has filed suit against Kenneth Hall Regional Hospital, alleging employees at the hospital failed to remove a tourniquet from his arm.

Woman claims her lawyer failed to show up in courtroom

An East St. Louis woman has filed suit against a Carbondale attorney, alleging he caused numerous cases she filed to be dismissed because he failed to show up in the courtroom.