News from July 2007

Exploding the Myth with Facts

By Richard P. Ellerbrake | Jul 1, 2007

One of the contentions of those who want to build a Gateway Connector outer-belt from Troy, Illinois, to the Jefferson Barracks Bridge is that the Metro-East population is growing, thus requiring more highways.

Tillery's attempt to reopen $10 billion tobacco case may fail in light of USSC decision

By Steve Korris | Jul 4, 2007

Stephen Tillery Stephen Tillery must take a mighty leap to convince the Illinois Supreme Court that a new U.S. Supreme Court decision automatically revives his $10 billion class action against cigarette maker Philip Morris.

Kyle Napp appointed to Mallott vacancy

By Steve Gonzalez | Jul 5, 2007

Kyle Napp has been elected by the circuit judges of the Third Judicial Circuit to fill the vacancy of retiring Associate Judge Lewis Mallott.

Washington Park club sued by patron who was beaten and robbed

By Ann Knef | Jul 5, 2007

Miss Kitty's, a Washington Park adult liquor and exhibition hall, is being sued for more than $100,000 by a patron who was beaten and robbed outside the club last year.

Mendelsohn gives Collinsville Crossing green light, again

By Steve Korris | Jul 5, 2007

Madison County Associate Judge Ralph Mendelsohn stands by his decision to throw out a suit that would have blocked development of the Collinsville Crossing retail center.

Finger amputated by malfunctioning door, man claims

By Ann Knef | Jul 6, 2007

Huck's A customer of a Fairview Heights Huck's convenience store claims his finger was amputated by a malfunctioning door, according to a personal injury lawsuit filed June 29 in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

Woman falls in exposed culvert while walking dog, sues local governments

By Ann Knef | Jul 6, 2007

Carolyn Foran of Belleville claims she stepped into a hole and fell into an exposed culvert while walking her dog on Lake Ridge Drive last year.

Man says his business partner failed to pay him $5,540, sues for $50k+

By Ann Knef | Jul 6, 2007

Michael Montgomery of Missouri claims his business associate failed to pay his fair share of proceeds generated by ticket sales to a car show held at Gateway International Raceway on June 3.

Boss let go of ladder, window cleaner says

By Ann Knef | Jul 9, 2007

A house cleaner claims the home construction company president she worked for let go of a ladder she was upon causing her to fall, and trapping and crushing her ankle's bones and cartilage.

Tennessee man files asbestos suit in Madison County

By Steve Gonzalez | Jul 9, 2007

A Tennessee man suffering from mesothelioma filed an asbestos suit in Madison County Circuit Court June 27, claiming his disease was wrongfully caused.

Smokey Bills Tavern named in dramshop, battery suit

By Ann Knef | Jul 9, 2007

Mary Hych of St. Clair County filed a $200,000 lawsuit against Smokey Bills Tavern in Centreville, its owner William Robinson and Darlene Jones, claiming she was attacked with fists and a microphone on New Year's Day.

Man seeks $225,000 in med mal case

By Steve Gonzalez | Jul 9, 2007

Anderson Hospital Ronald Walker filed a three-count medical malpractice suit against Anderson Hospital, Dr. David Autry and Maryville Radiology Group in Madison County Circuit Court June 27, seeking damages in excess of $225,000.

Beelman Truck sued over Route 13 accident

By Ann Knef | Jul 9, 2007

Surviving children of a passenger killed in a tractor trailer accident are suing the truck's driver and his employers over the crash that happened July 8, 2005, on Route 13 near the intersection of Route 156 in St. Clair County.

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