News from June 2006

Walnut Hill Cemetery Chapel Renovations in Belleville

By The Madison County Record | Jun 1, 2006

Mark Eckert (Mayor of the City of Belleville), Jeff Dawe (Superintendent of Walnut Hill Cemetery), and other city officials celebrate the re-dedication of the Walnut Hill Cemetery Chapel after newly completed renovations.

Mortgage suits in jeopardy over Alton attorney's dual role

By Steve Korris | Jun 1, 2006

Alton attorney Emert Wyss, famous from coast to coast for accidentally suing himself, has boomeranged again.

Appellate court upholds decision of St. Clair County jury in favor of Allstate

By Steve Gonzalez | Jun 1, 2006

A 2004 jury verdict in favor of Allstate Insurance was affirmed by the Illinois Appellate Court's Fifth District in Mt. Vernon on a 2-1 vote.

Stack to reconsider Hartford vapor case

By Steve Korris | Jun 2, 2006

Circuit Judge Dan Stack Madison County Circuit Judge Daniel Stack will reconsider an order he signed last year against former owners of the Premcor refinery in a proposed class action suit.

Opposing lawyers seek sanctions in Yount v. Shashek

By Steve Korris | Jun 2, 2006

The case of Keith Yount vs. Lisa Shashek keeps getting uglier, with each side calling on Madison County Circuit Judge Daniel Stack to impose sanctions on the other.

Lakin attorney still pleading for definition of 'until'

By Steve Korris | Jun 2, 2006

Paul Marks Lakin Law Firm attorney Paul Marks has asked Madison County Circuit Judge Nicholas Byron to reconsider an order throwing out a proposed class action suit.

U.S. Supreme Court decision supports Madison County class action dismissal

By Steve Korris | Jun 2, 2006

Troy Bozarth Justices of the United States Supreme Court have hastened the end of a proposed class action suit in Madison County.

U.S. should start asking questions

By The Madison County Record | Jun 4, 2006

It's human nature that we're drawn in by sordid tales in the news like those of local plaintiff's lawyers Tom Lakin and Gary Peel.

At the surface...

By The Madison County Record | Jun 4, 2006

Tom Lakin If you haven't seen it, the Discovery Health Channel produced a five-minute docu-mercial promoting the amazing "mind, body and soul" transformation of "high profile, hob-knobbing St. Louis" lawyer Thomas Lakin.

Acid-burned truck driver seeks damages

By Ann Knef | Jun 5, 2006

A truck driver who was burned by a spray of sulfuric acid is suing G.S. Robins & Co. in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

Postal worker sues home owners for cracked steps

By Ann Knef | Jun 5, 2006

A letter carrier for the U.S. Post Office is suing the owners of an East St. Louis residence for tripping on cracked steps.

Tillery files class action suit against Allstate

By Steve Gonzalez | Jun 5, 2006

Steve Tillery Nine Madison County residents and one St. Clair County resident filed a class action lawsuit against Allstate Insurance Company alleging the insurance company charges different premiums to customers with the same risks.

Former Lanter employees sue for retaliatory discharge

By Ann Knef | Jun 5, 2006

Dennis Renner and Alice Miller are suing their former employer, Lanter Transport Inc., and the company that bought it, LTI Trucking Services, claiming they were fired for having pursued workers' compensation claims.

Stobbs named new associate judge in Madison County

By Steve Gonzalez | Jun 6, 2006

Steve Stobbs Godfrey attorney Stephen Stobbs has been elected as an associate judge on a first ballot by the nine circuit judges of the Third Judicial Circuit.

Weber dismisses 'fatally defective' class action

By Steve Gonzalez | Jun 7, 2006

Circuit Judge Don Weber United Parcel Service successfully convinced Madison County Circuit Judge Don Weber to dismiss a class action case filed by a customer who wanted a $5 refund because an "overnight" package he sent did not arrive on time.

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